My friend/coworker has been talking about his birthday for 2 months. He invited a lot of people and they said yes. No one from work showed up but me

Did someone say... cake?

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  1. You could try going back for a MAcc. Or contact some of the local recruiting agencies that deal with accounting jobs. LBMC Staffing Solutions is one. I know my previous employer hired people straight out of school. Hopefully there are others willing to do that.

  2. I will be going back to school because I want to get my CPA BUT I need one year of accounting experience to do that 😅 will also send my resume to this staffing agency and hope someone like your old boss is hiring

  3. Good luck, its an easy way to get into government positions if you can survive the seasonal aspect.

  4. With a possible reward like that I deff can survive the seasonal aspect. Thank you!

  5. I haven’t driven my car in 39 months.

  6. This entire time have you been having insurance on it? My insurance company says I need to keep it on but it’s so expensive for a car that’s not even being driven

  7. I havnt driven mine at all since this time last year. Been in bodyshop purgatory

  8. The real scam is hiring a broker to get an apartment lol

  9. Lolol maybe so but my friend got scammed out of about 3k recently when she was apt hunting and I don’t want that to be me

  10. Well dont lol there is a ocean between getting a agent to find you a place and getting scammed. Easiest way to not get scammed is hand over money for the keys generally inside the apartment. Like my rentals I do the lease signing inside the actual unit. Also depending on state shouldnt be too hard to look up who owns the property make sure your dealing with the right person. But scams are pretty few and far between specially if you do all business on location. Usually scams the people never even go in the place they are trying to rent which I mean should be a red flag

  11. Good tips but like I said I’m moving from out of state. About 11 hours away so it’s a bit more difficult to go in person without accruing extra costs and I barely have enough for my bills, I can’t afford to drive of fly just to meet someone

  12. On fb market place you can get a decent condition one for under 5k at times

  13. Wow so lucky. With clean title and everything? No risk of it getting destroyed?

  14. This happened to me in my 22nd birthday. Asked all my friends and triple confirmed INDIVIDUALLY. They all said yes. Only people who showed up were my siblings. It was so embarrassing to have such a long table reserved and not have even 1/4 of it filled. I even asked if we could split it once I realized no one was coming so it wasn’t as obvious LOL (they said no) But it’s fine. You live you learn. Turned 25 last month. Didn’t invite anyone except my siblings but I hope one day I can have close enough friends that go as well or maybe even have enough people for a party

  15. Her breastfeeding another child is not weird (was done historically and worked out great). In that sense it’s completely normal but weird that she hides it. NTA because she’s been sneaky about it

  16. NTA. “Half of the expenses are still more than what you’re paying now” seals it. Seems like the only person this deal will truly benefit is him. You have your own room now. You won’t have that with him and paying more. And you’re happy where you’re at

  17. If you want to switch because you don’t like it switch but not because you’re not good at math. I literally had to take PRE-ALGEBRA once I got to college because my math was so bad and eventually got it together and actually learned fundamentals and then excelled in the degree

  18. I’m glad you didn’t google this because I got to learn as well (about something I never even thought of)

  19. I work for KCDC, and my best advice is go to a surrounding county with a shorter wait list; then transfer into Knox county after living there for about a year. OR you can contact Volunteer Ministries.. if you’re able to provide proof that you’re homeless they’ll be able to help you out. You just have to be able to get approved for an apartment on your own, then they’ll help you get your KUB turned on and pay first months rent - last months rent and security deposit! but the wait list at KCDC for just a 2 bedroom apartment right now is over a year… certain situations may bump you up on the waitlist but regardless you’ll be waiting for quite a while.

  20. Great advice! Will look into both possibilities. Would you happen to know which surrounding counties have the shorter waitlist? Or is it just pretty much everything outside Knox?

  21. We have a family friend that went through this recently. It took about 8 months for them to get a place.

  22. I have a very long story about this (my experience) but to conclude NTA and people need to stop sexualizing sinking relationships (though I am aware that there are some sick people in this world, most siblings are not like that!)

  23. We’re about the same time post op. Mine dropped at different rates (about week two) but have now evened out. I think the arm usage does have a lot to do with it.

  24. One time the person I was seeing tried to be sexy and push me on the bed (our first time having sex) and I fell weird and twisted my ankle. Still had sex after I cried and we hung out for a bit so it went away haha

  25. Varies depending on location so not crazy attractive lol. But attractive enough that I’m considered pretty (I would assume different levels of it too) by the general population wherever I go.

  26. I saw this post. It was so mean. Especially triggering to me because I can relate being treated like this. When I first got my skyline literally nobody had anything good to say about it (front end swap) and I think it may be because I’m a woman and I look like a teen.

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