1. She could just be a really friendly person but as a girl, I usually refrain from complimenting anyone even though there’s a lot of buff people there.

  2. Thats how I feel. It was a compliment nit an invitation to be creepy. So, if I see her and she's approachable ill say hi and introduce myself.

  3. Nothing to crazy. She just was like oh hi I saw you deadlifting! You're really strong! Good job! It seemed innocuous. Like not a big deal.

  4. go with the flow. if shes cool with you ranting then cool if its a turn off for her she wouldve been gone i guess. whatever happens just happens if she is the one itll all work out.

  5. i dont think saying i love you a month in is too early, if you loved her you loved her. maybe a week would be too early but ive had men say it that soon and i didnt mind.

  6. I need to be better tbh. I made mistakes that got her to feel this worried and stressed.

  7. that sounds like normal life stressors. every partner ive ever had has made mistakes, and i have too. it doesnt preclude you from respect or emotional closeness. nobody is perfect. the strength of a healthy relationship is forged in communication and compromise, getting thru things together.

  8. I agree what's hard is before everything was fine. Holding my hand hugging me where ever we go. Now it feels more like she's pushing me away. We are supposed to see each other and this weekend and have a fun weekend.

  9. You might ask if you can talk about it. If she’s not ready, give her some time. You definitely need to communicate about the fight though. Apologize if you were in the wrong. And, maybe explain about getting stuck in your head. One fight does not a relationship break. Fights are going to happen. Relationships have ups and downs. You have to weather them together when possible.

  10. This is a good response I'm going to carry into relationships up front.

  11. I’m a woman and I’ve been married for almost 13 years. You learn a thing or two. Communication is the core of everything. Both speaking and listening. Hell, I’m still learning and probably will be until I die!

  12. She told me we can't be serious ever today soooo yay. We also might see each other this weekend we might not.

  13. Well of the math on that is either 3x3 or 3².

  14. They awaken something inside us

  15. Why do you think this is a "situation" that needs "salvaging"? What's wrong with simply explaining you put the wrong ones in there and you'll give them the right ones when you next see them?

  16. They ended up not even looking at them yet which was nice. I gave them to fresh flashcards if it helps.

  17. Simple. "Dude, I'm sorry, I gave you some wrong flashcards by mistake. I'll need to check them, please bring them back".

  18. Biochemistry amino acid flashcards I wanted to put the codons and pkas on there messed up made a new flashcard but still slid it in there by mistake

  19. Igly helmets is crazy my guy

  20. Good thing this is a Japanese (woman) saying this, otherwise it might be perceived as racist.

  21. Right you don't want seem like you're hateful or anything.

  22. This girl i like is pissed at me this morning and I think its going to permanently affect our relationship.

  23. Ah. But are you sure she is angry at you or might that just be your insecurities speaking? Also if she is a friend then trust me people don’t just stop being your friends just because they got annoyed or angry at something that you said especially something as complaining about work.

  24. It might be but she really shut me down and were supposed to hang out tomorrow and idk.

  25. All you need is heavy whipping cream and parmesan cheese. It's very easy to make.

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