1. I need to stop skipping leg day :(. Yea a solid 7

  2. He said he wanted to leave earth behind bc the Pal is his home now.

  3. If I am honest I would want fate decide what I get and work my way up(adventure way). Not to engineer my power set. That’s a good way to be disappointed. But that’s just me.

  4. This is why people go to war…for woman like her. Good luck gents!

  5. I’m pretty sure it just fast forward it, after the second astro space was completed it went to the meeting with grandmother and the French guy. The French guy asked where Jason was and she replied has there been any more astro spaces? He said not for 40 something days. She then said that where he has been.

  6. I don’t really think so, I believe he has a discord. But to get in I think you need to be a Patreon.

  7. I get this sometimes when the account is set to private.

  8. On POB how can you determine if you are actually getting 20 fuses? This is me and I still not sure if I am capped out yet TBH. I think I have to be getting at least 15 with focus.

  9. Book 4, chapter 36…last 2 mins is the recipe for Jason’s lemonade.

  10. I finally got a HH as well but in SSF, now I’m looking for a build that can utilize the HH better. Something that can destroy legions/delirium and harbingers. Would like to farm simulacrums and 5-way legion encounters. But also sheet on t16 bosses and Sirius.

  11. For sidekick I have been looking for the following as a must.

  12. Yea I keep upgrading them and 26 is the highest.

  13. As stated above stash tabs is the highest QoL you’ll get. After that whatever you want. But I would suggest to buy a pack bc not only do you get MXs you also get credits.

  14. I’m the same way, I know that its me not knowing what’s good or not and not play efficiently as in playing for a few hours and dumping in a quad tab and go go go... so you play your session and wait for the last 30mins to ID and sell and rise and repeat.

  15. Planning to do All Ears here in 3.9. But I'm lazy while leveling. What is the easiest leveling build. Zombers?

  16. My fastest leveling experience was with 2 poet pens.

  17. I am playing a champion Impale build on SSF, I haven't put passive points in weapon damage IE 2-handers, axes,swords,claws, ect... I just got to mapping, What is the least currency intensive crafting for a weapon?

  18. Just pick a few to trade with then change your preferences. It’s a good thing. Bc now you have plenty of offers and choices.

  19. What would be an ideal build to level with if I to wanted to go CoC(cast on crit)assassin maybe VD or the ice build?

  20. For the guys that get 1-70 in about 1.5-2hrs, it will make a small difference in their play since they know the content and chasing circles would be a waste of time. It will shave a few mins off of everyone's times just b/c the buffs can be a huge assets to some builds as they level.

  21. Ppl have already have awaken hero’s, not the summer people either.

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