1. I think he was still in a fog when he tweeted his thoughts. It does not look good on his part.

  2. You should have a modicum of proof. A donkfish recreation player making a bad play? Color me shocked.

  3. I noticed that too. Probably taken down by all the hate Doug Polk received. Defending Garrett immediately plus the CoinFlex debacle isn’t a good recipe.

  4. You haven’t been following chess obviously. 100x worse than this. That’s the only story in the chess world right now.

  5. Thank you for responding instead of me typing the same response. Zero proof she cheated and this would be a horrible spot to use ‘your one time’. Garret looks really bad here.

  6. 100x more likely she did a weird play than chose to cheat one hand against the #1 player on a stream. Garret better show some evidence or he is the one who looks like he cheated her.

  7. Yeah that’s the thing, Garrett is all class when talking to people, but he’s all business when it comes to money / optimal strategy. He doesn’t straddle unless he can get the whole table to do a round, he never shows his cards, he won’t do flips with the same people he’s bled dry.

  8. Bad play and winning one hand does not mean cheating. Unless you do it against Garrett who will demand money back and publicly accuse you of cheating without any proof.

  9. I’m listening to her explanation on Chicago Joey and yeah she’s a mega fish. I wish I had the roll to bum hunt her.

  10. I’m listening too. There is zero evidence at all she cheated.

  11. Yeah I don’t think she would understand the mechanics to do such a thing. Her reasoning sounds like a awful Hollywood movie about poker. Garrett needs to delete his tweets and return the money. She’s a unicorn I’m not even being sarcastic. It’s funny if this is the thing that gets garrets fan boys off his nuts.

  12. This is really horrible that it may be that he falsely accused someone of cheating and demanded money back on a hand he lost. He has zero proof.

  13. Interesting. Deeb thinks there might be something amiss but really against Garrett getting paid back on the spot.

  14. Yah ok lol are you on glue? Not even the Chinese Billionaires in Macau make moves like that 😂

  15. Yes they do. There’s hand like this with Tom Dwan for a lot more money.

  16. In my opinion Eric saw Garrett’s cards and signaled to Robbie what to do. I’ve watched the clip over and over. It looks like he mouths “raise” to her on the flop while glaring at her then puts his head down.

  17. This doesn’t sound that interesting and it is still very hard as an American to play online.

  18. It’s not hard at all as an American to play online. Even in states without fully legalized online poker (like PA/MI/NV/NJ), you still have Global, ACR, Ignition, BOL…

  19. It’s nowhere near how it was pre-BF or in Europe now. Those sites don’t advertise at all. Very few people know who Dolly Brunson is or even care.

  20. Because real life is hard and college is basically a fantasy. Nothing wrong with it though. You just won’t be able to wake up whenever you want and do subpar work and get away with it.

  21. so you’re saying college is fun and real life is not. basically ur agreeing with me

  22. Can’t argue with stupid man, a ball going further and higher will produce way more speed then a ball that only goes 20 feet. Basic science and you’re still just ignoring the fact there are 25+ incidents of being being KILLED on a golf course.

  23. Again done arguing with stupid when you can just google “killed by golf ball on golf course and get 25+ articles”. Maybe that golf ball you took off the head did more damage then they told you…

  24. He was silly to participate in it to begin with. I've lost so much respect for Phil over the past year. On another note, how about team USA at the Presidents Cup!! =)

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