1. This is reflected in features as well. It's OK to leave out the infrared emitter and microSD card slot, mostly because the iPhone never had those and they're only used a very small fraction of the time. Nice-to-haves, of course... but not really required in a phone for everyone.

  2. I got a new iPhone 14 and I had it packaged for return it the day it arrived.

  3. It's nice to hear that others feel the same. Sometimes I start to wonder if I'm the only person on the planet who prefers small phones, headphone jacks, physical SIMs, fingerprint sensors, and microSD (though I'm willing to compromise on microSD if internal storage is large and cheap enough).

  4. MicroSD is a concession I'm also fine with. (I do like waterproofing, and USB C flashdrives are much less fiddly.)

  5. "what if ghosts... were real? would it really be that difficult for you to believe?"

  6. Do you mind explaining why do you like him? Can you quote him off the top of your head?

  7. I honestly feel like I learned something about improving at chess after this. Thank you

  8. 3D, if only because they're so unique. There are plenty of games that fill the 2D Metroid niche, but none like Prime.

  9. Like you said, it’s not necessary and also helps keeps the manufacturing cost down.

  10. It's absolutely necessary, the 2020 iPhone SE constantly has apps close due to its low RAM. Apple absolutely should add more RAM to these phones.

  11. Been having these issues to an extreme amount on the iPhone SE 2020. The 3GB of RAM definitely is not enough, I'm not surprised that 6GB isn't either.

  12. I look forward to this being swept under the rug and memory hole’d lol

  13. and now the most secure iphone yet featuring siri 2 and the new another camera feature ready for the iphone 15

  14. This is quite the bullshit headline! Really contorting the data. I imagine it only exists to draw commission money.

  15. What you failed to grasp is that the iPhone will always be the best “worldwide” phone regardless of the model year. Apple will ALWAYS incorporate bands that will ensure their phones will work any corner of the world where as Android manufacturers will pigeon hole their devices to specific countries and regions.

  16. The comment is about the headline, which doesn’t specify that.

  17. Yes exactly! The article itself is bullshit too. The data does not meet the conclusion, even when specifying they're looking at the US and the UK.

  18. I wonder how tho, don't the 14 Pro series and 8/8+ gen 1 all use Qualcomms X65 modem? Or is it something software related?

  19. The headline is basically a lie, and the data does not measure phone hardware directly, but rather it takes data from a phones consumer base.

  20. I'm a sucker for meta episodes, especially when you can tell Harmon has a statement to make about stories and narratives.

  21. Good. It was the most stupid and asinine thing about that software.

  22. I loved how silly it was, until I wrote a post honoring a friend I've lost. Definitely don't want to toot a mourning, and I definitely don't want people to toot their condolences!

  23. When I first got into Linux, people were still afraid about destroying their monitors. Apparently, there used to be a time where trying Linux had a risk of bricking a lot of your hardware.

  24. Reddit has always said that Twitter is a cesspool for years, but now that Musk owns it, Reddit says that he will "ruin" it.

  25. Reddit has said Twitter is a cesspool because Redditors are big fans of Reddit.

  26. I mean, in many states you ARE at fault if you hit someone from behind. Here it is "failure to reduce and control speed resulting in collision." You are supposed to maintain sufficient distance from the car in front of you so even if they slam on the brakes, you have time to stop.

  27. This is the law, and in this situation, the law lines up with sense. Nobody else on the road should be able to brake-check you into a collision (unless right after a lane change).

  28. Doesn't mean that the brake checker will be found at fault. I don't disagree that brake checking is shitty but understand that some places are pretty hard core about the "if you rear end someone it is your fault" thing.

  29. To be clear, I agree with you. The bicyclist is at fault, and it's never a guarantee the brake checker would be found also at fault. Of course, there's a big asymmetry here: This is a car brake checking a bicycle, not another car.

  30. I only know of Greg Bear through the Forerunner Saga. His were some of the first Halo novels I read.

  31. How is this without an account? I'm curious but I have no interest in making a Facebook/Instagram/Meta account

  32. Ah rip, this makes sense. Thank you for letting me know!

  33. But Unreal/Unity don't have a special movie mode for doing that high fidelity rendering, right?

  34. I'm not familiar with using Unreal, Unity, or RenderMan in practice. But yeah, this 'movie maker' / 'non real time' mode sounds just like an offline renderer, except with all the interactivity you'd expect from a game.

  35. Your phone is actually a bit faster at higher storage speeds. That makes the extra space worth it for me

  36. If someone were within the 14-day return window of an iPhone they bought online, but wanted a different model, would they be able to swap it out at an Apple store (paying the difference?)

  37. It can be returned or exchanged. Given they’re looking for a 14 Pro it’ll probably be a return and reorder type of situation.

  38. That makes sense, thank you! And yeah, we didn't realize until we checked the site that they're several weeks backordered.

  39. is this like a sequel to that horrible homophobic john comic

  40. Congratulations, kids! And by that I mean I remember when

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