1. Yes, The core node benefits all of the sub-node types.

  2. Im at 65 at blacksmithing , do I just spamm build Masters hammer for 100?

  3. Or do I have other cheaper options

  4. Not exactly reddit but got 2 ex coworker that did some NSFW stuff.

  5. for meele heal pala get a macro that auto attacks the nearest enemy with crusader strike to lower holyshocks CD without targeting them

  6. Is Phase really better than conq

  7. There is a certain line that when crossed will result in me leaving.

  8. This dps is insanely low. They will not be able to complete, since they are probably lacking basic mechanics. I never leave before time, but after that, I think leaving is fair game.

  9. For the sake of argument, how do you know that you do enough danage eumquivalent to your ilvl.

  10. To answer your question directly, I have some guildies (currently in a non-raiding casual guild) who link dps stats in chat after every fight. Even when I go with our tank or healer and pug a dungeon or LFR, I'm at or near the top dps.

  11. It pushes you to be a better player. It pushes you to interrupt more in m+

  12. E interrupt R Single stun T mobility

  13. 25 for a boost aint worth it . Thats 2 months of wow sub. You dont need 2 months to level if your goal is to level to 60 (and not something else line lvling proffesion of pass expansion or something like that)

  14. From warcraftlogs , hpala is mid tier for raid and mid tier in m+

  15. I got my right click on hb frame for "target" so I target the guy . Then press q for dispel etc.

  16. Played warlock since TBC. Health stones are cookies

  17. how are they cookies when they are green?

  18. Idk that’s how they’ve been called by the community forever. Cookies can be green btw

  19. what do u guys call the mage food in english?

  20. This is completely true. I feel like I’m many parties it’s hard to dps because some of our dmg spells are in place of healing, and we juggle so much with weaving dmg to gain holy power that we play catch up on healing quite often. I like the feel, but makes numbers pathetically low sometimes. I hover between 2-3k when not trying to deal dmg and around 6-10k when trying

  21. Update so I just went to the class discord : Hammer of wrath

  22. It would depend on how much you want to push keys. A lot of the discord “help” are assuming you are gonna have +25s on farm, and that’s just not realistic for the vast majority of players. If you are going to be playing a bunch of +10-15s then damage is not going to be the reason keys are bricked, it’s going to be people dying from avoidable damage, and if you as tank can help mitigate that, then go for it.

  23. i only run with randoms my guildmates have their own "squad" of friends which they run only 15+ , hard to get into their lil group.

  24. From curseforge program : wow pro It tells you where to go per zone

  25. I first completed my campaign quest. Then I went Per zone and did all quest on that zone For rep etc.

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