An origami dwarf I folded.


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  1. And that, kids, is why you should buy ceramic armor, not ar500 steel plates off Instagram to play operator. Razor sharp shrapnel flying straight up to your neck and down towards your groin.

  2. They were called the dark ages for a reason

  3. $50 USD to a guard will let you through

  4. I'm surprised that he even asked. Video should be titled "Today, I was the asshole."

  5. Sub has become disappointing most of the time now. “Who’s the asshole?” Your camera? You’re the idiot

  6. Really really want to put a switch for some flood lights on the back of my car, but I also know it’s america and there’s a good possibility I’ll get shot. Still debating

  7. Yeah most cases of death by over hydration are either due to water drinking contests, or althetes overcompensating for their exertion and drinking too much. Very rarely does a normal person on a normal day die from over hydration

  8. You work at a restaurant and you are anti work. Your a bitch.

  9. Truth. A lot of those dudes drowned. Jesus is a walk on water kinda guy.

  10. I’m a fan of turning water into wine, let’s get on it oh holy one

  11. Who is so wise in the ways of apples

  12. As someone who has contacts from the PWCA community I also think this is true.

  13. As someone who didn’t know he was looking at an apple….it needed a nsfw tag

  14. This guy had a movie loosely based on his exploits called Lord of War starring Nic Cage for anyone who is interested. He sold weapons to anyone who wanted them. Even the US government used his services many times and because of that, he acted with impunity. It was only when he was selling weapons to be used against US troops did they actually do something about him.

  15. I was wondering about the possible connection seeing the ‘merchant of death’ headlines, absolutely made me think of this horribly wonderful movie

  16. I don’t think large ones normally exist within muscles. They tend to run between them. I’ve only ever found one in the deckle of a brisket I cooked…and I’ve cooked 50+ briskets per week for about 5 years. Seems pretty rare :P

  17. What a wonderful and fulfilling life you must have, or at the very least smelling rrrrreal good

  18. A bit of wisdom from my MIL that has saved my sanity on my own projects (not origami though. Not a skill I have spent much time exploring honestly).

  19. You are the people that make this world a better place

  20. …do you check the humidity outside and make sure there are no cars driving by before you apply the batter?

  21. Or that’s just for the video, it looks like there’s bus bars that are high voltage and some “shoes” as a ground, when a weed hits the bus bar, it completes the circuit and because they’re plants and not copper, they combust.

  22. My uncle used to say if it smells like provolone, leave it alone

  23. Agreed. The ‘wait for it’ on every video makes me think I’m going to be watching for a while and experience multiple moments of stimulation. Now I am consistently disappointed and resultantly growing more and more angry

  24. The comments are an echo chamber of cliches from moon farmers. Fucking sick

  25. Dropped the lead ball on everyone else’s foot…evolution did it’s fucking job here

  26. I mean, I agree with the point you're trying to make about climate change, but I'm not sure this particular ski lift catered to many rich people - it was built for the local village so kids could learn to ski.

  27. Christ. Well, I should have known my first post was going to go bad. Cheers for the mention, my sentiment was in the wrong place. I had read the story elsewhere but couldn’t link to it, I had wrongly assumed they would be the same. Little did I know the first article made NO mention of this side of a local travesty

  28. Well deserved. But I’ll leave my mistake as a record of my disdain and sadness in aging cognitive abilities

  29. Violet, you’re turning violet!

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