1. I was up there today. It's closed just past the turn to Mount Wilson. It was clear of mud and snow. It's beautiful up there. I hiked a few miles of the Strawberry Peak trail.

  2. There was around a foot of snow the whole time. I didn't get near the top. It probably won't last long.

  3. What? No. I'm saying for someone to be able to "afford" an apartment, they need to make 3x the rent. That's what "afford" typically means when people say it, right?

  4. Would a walk in emergency clinic be okay? I am not so sure if a hospital visit is necessary and it seems like a big thing. I don’t even know if I need to call 911. It was a two kids and I’m just really confused right now I

  5. “Cream” as a verb in baking is extremely common and used ‘for a general audience’. You’d be hard-pressed to crack open any cookbook or find many recipes for baking, even online, that don’t use it.

  6. Only very recently I have learned about creaming butter and sugar. I have only ever used very basic cookbooks that don't call for this in the recipes.

  7. If you take the 2 up into the National forest it is closed jsit last mt wilson. Below where it is closed has just reopened.

  8. If you write 6 in the reception hour plus do not make everyone sit there waiting for 30 minutes for you guys to do your entrance.

  9. I think online is a few dollars cheaper.. not much. But you don run the risk them selling out. And next week is spring break week for some schools across the state country.

  10. Did as everyone here suggested and bought the passes online bc i got scared it might sell out!

  11. I have a feeling bc you high them you they won't. And if you didnt they will. I have an annual pass and so class to the park I can walk there. And I still don't go during spring break. Well during spring breaks. Since they are all different weeks for different schools

  12. Living spaces. We bought a sectional that lasted 4 years until we had a fire and had to get rid of it. We bought one from jermones for 2300 and it didn't even last 2 years and had nothing but lies about the warranty. We purchased a new one from Living spaces and we love it.

  13. I agre with living spaces. So also recommend Ashely's. And I think some of their furniture comes from the same manufacturer. Been happy with all my furniture from both the places. And my most expensive piece was $700.

  14. Loving Spaces / Ashelys. I have had a couch from Ashley's hold up well for almost 6 years now and that is with 2 dogs. Don't plan on replacing it any time soon.

  15. I was going to link this same site. It is a good site for the area about street closures

  16. Dang, a couple of these look like they’re straight out of 2006 prom pictures 😅

  17. In almost certain I had the the 3rd when to a homecoming. It was a burgundy color. I graduated high school in 2002.

  18. Because people are idiots.i constantly see multi year expired tags through SENTRI.

  19. My tags were recently expired for what looked like 2 month. But they really werent. I had a temp 90 day tag from buying the car while I waited fo new stickers. The stickers expired like a week after I bought the car.

  20. I grew up working class and worked my way up. I spent loads of time surrounded by kids who were way more well-off than me. How many of those colleagues who can’t afford a house chose to have kids? We all make choices. Resenting others for having things you don’t have is simply a sign of a weak character.

  21. Guess what. In child free too. And I am also single income in a HCOL. On paper I make decent money, but still struggle bc of COL. I am child free and could not afford to buy a house here. I don't have any credit card bills. Kate Spade is still expensive to me.

  22. I'm convinced when tarter was sold a lot do their stuff changed. ESP their amazon clay products

  23. Its cute, but not in a well done happy cake way, like middle school art project cute. Love the crab.

  24. Yes.. I keep looking bay this going to could be better. But I don't know how to fix it. Like the crab looks like red ravioli with legs attached.

  25. He's such a mood tho, but i digress, the only way to fix this is skill and time, it looks very hastily put together.

  26. Haha he really is! He looks like he had a rough day and just needs nap! Also my dog after he wakes up from nap #1 of the day 🤣

  27. I can respect the art form of cake decorating so if you’re just using it to decorate and not eating it I can get that but if you’re actually serving it? Too far especially if you’re charging people money as a cake decorator

  28. I think on this one the yellow frosting was buttercream. And the rest was from fondant.

  29. Westworld... Especially because it was planned to have 5 seasons and then it got cut due to being so expensive. Give it back HBO!!!

  30. If she’s upset that two bridesmaids dropped out and likely might not make the wedding…if they saw her outburst, then that “likely” is sure to be upgraded to “definitely guarantee” that they won’t be going.

  31. I had to leave that group ... bc I found it really really hard not to screenshot these things and send it to their family and friends.

  32. I want to join that group. I won't send those things to their family and friends. But I will screenshot them and send them to my own mom. We love a good bridezilla shame.

  33. Oh I never did.. I just wanted to sometimes. Some of the brides said really mean things.

  34. I don't eat beef so I hoenstly don't know if this so the most expensive... however is Gwen still open. They had one that was like $200 or $300. I remember looking at the menu to take my grandmother

  35. I know beach body has alway had the dvds you cooks buy directly from them. I remember seeing infomercials about it forever ago. I don't even know they were an mlm for a long time bc of that.

  36. About your number 4. I wonder if that is why the MOh suggested the air mattress to OP. Bc everyone is paying for the AirBNB and they are covering her expenses.

  37. So around $300K annual income in this case, give or take?

  38. Just out of curiosity, what is the household income if you don't mind sharing? Wondering how much one needs to make in order to consider the $1-1.2M price range.

  39. Typically you need 3-4x the mortgage as income. So if the mortgage is $3k a month you will need to make $9-$12k a month.

  40. I know the agoura hills animal shelter was full. However I don't know if that was their dog or cats.

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