Elon Musk Declares war on Apple. Puts!

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  1. Enough with these rumors from italian media...oh wait!

  2. The Italian sports media have had their hands full the last 24 hours lol

  3. Add a couple of engineers loyal to binotto too. Reports saying they’re leaving with him to wherever he goes

  4. He's been with the team for 28 years. 28 years of experience out the door with a couple of engineers as well loyal to him. Looking back on the season calmly he did achieve a lot over the 4 years in charge. 28 years of experience at Ferrari going to another team. What can you even say

  5. They obviously have someone in mind.

  6. They apparently had FV in mind but then reports came out that they’ve asked Horner and aren’t finalised on FV too so who knows what they’ve got planned

  7. Why tf would Horner even be in the picture. Red bull is in his blood.

  8. The reason I said they have no one in mind even with FVs name around. Asking Horner who built this team from the ground up and spent most of his life there to move to Ferrari. Just goes to show they really are swinging and hoping to get a hit.

  9. If tesla launches a smart phone, I’m sure it’s going to be a credible threat for Apple.

  10. Apple has been cultivating an entire ecosystem for years now. You have every single device connected to one another. Take it from someone who wants to shift to Android. I literally cannot because I love my Apple watch and taking calls on my iPad. A Tesla phone or whatever that nonsense will be called if produced will be sold to a handful of Musks cult following and that's about it. Samsung and Microsoft have both tried with the most brilliant people to dethrone apple and have not succeeded but somehow Musk will?

  11. If you're talking just hardware, Samsung absolutely can at least keep pace with Apple, they're like the most popular flavor of Android, I think. Or at least close to it.

  12. Yes but software blends the hardware together. No one can touch apple in that department. Everything just works as they say. Samsung is doing a brilliant job but they just aren't competitive with apple in building that ecosystem. More so if you have multiple devices from Apple. Let's say I'd even give up my iphone for an android. My watch stops working and I can't take calls on my iPad or Mac and thats just one of the benefits of an ecosystem.

  13. No one will know about it because we all have iPhones.

  14. Jokes on you. I'll be in line for the new Tesla phone. Sure it'll have a shitty operating system, won't be supported by any carriers and will constantly be hacked into but at least I'll live happily knowing I supported free speech (from a private company that bans people)

  15. His powers are in the middle of the ground strength wise. Like he punches below his weight class not just in power but what he actively chooses to deal with. The annoying part about the comics is that they regularly have him job against people that he should have a really easy time dealing with. If we're being realistic he's essentially a Batman with less mental issues and super powers. He has intellect and potential that's supposed to be comparable to Tony Stark and Reed Richard's. Yet due to comic books not having the ability to constantly develop their characters. He's not going to hit that potential. Heck there was a comic that actually showed him defeating mephisto and if not him his daughter. I'd love to see a comic where Peter gets to have his definitive big event that isn't spiderverse.

  16. We'll never see pete grow. Everything is the same. Marvel wants to keep him miserable. I've almost stopped reading spiderman all together. Only venom for me. I love what they did with Eddie and it just shows if they wanted to they could let Peter grow too instead of just being a miserable wreck at the end of every saga.

  17. Man, there are a lot of media outlets really wanting this to happen.

  18. It is like 99% happening tho Binotto already is looking for other organisations for work. Already submitted his resignation.

  19. Why do Republicans think they look cool smoking cigars? Prager does this too, puffs a stogie for the camera. It's so embarrassing to watch.

  20. Well he is getting sacked. Sky sports Italy also reporting on it as if it was fact. Don't think this many media outlets would declare it that way.

  21. The detail that they're working on the clauses suggests to me he might just move to another part of Ferrari.

  22. I genuinely hope for the sake of Ferrari that this Is the case. He has not been in Ferrari for multiple decades because he's a joke. He's been In Ferrari for many winning years. Removing him from the team completely will be ridiculous

  23. Binotto is a talented engineer. He simply wasn't fit for team principal job. This doesn't mean he can't do a great job somewhere in Ferrari. But I can't see him just returning to the factory as if nothing happened.

  24. He just never had that bravado that Horner and Toto carry themselves with. I can't explain it but it never seemed like he was an authority figure. Even the finger wagging at Charles felt so weird just can't explain it.

  25. It's a bandaid on missing limb, but turning off auto save minimized the framerate drops for me.

  26. People who paid 60 dollars for game should not be made to turn off features to better stabilize framerares tho

  27. Also Valve has a deal with iFixit wher eyou can literally order all the parts from their website to do your own repairs. They're trying to make it as easy as possible to sell steam games

  28. Steam makes money no matter what hardware you buy. People buy games on steam. I pay more for games on steam even when they're cheaper elsewhere. Steam is user friendly and has my entire collection. Steam has literally made pirating games for a lot of people obsolete too because of sales.

  29. Not really. If she is a leaker or something I’d figure they’d punish her in some way. Or at least charged be brought against her

  30. Don't really care about the "Golden Joysticks." But if the recognition and exposure pushes more people to the Deck and Valve, then I'm all for it.

  31. I only wish valve would release the deck in more places. At least give us the chance to buy with reservation. Quite annoying that isn't available other than in a select few countries

  32. You guys won't be that happy when in a month we realise agent piers was recruiting him to Arsenal and they end up finishing 5th

  33. Can't think of any, maybe PSG or Chelsea more because they can that because they need him

  34. It'll be a horrible choice for I can see them doing it honestly

  35. Sony: "Is that anime side boob? Good heaven's no"

  36. Sony allows their own level of garbage on their store tho. Don't ever sort low to high

  37. He has fuck off money, I’d wager he’d pay the minimal fines the FIA laid on him and the criticism the FIA would get would make them relent.

  38. Lol also he’s one of the main stars of the show. They won’t do shit to him lol. What will the FIA do? Ban him from a race for supporting the LGBTQ community?

  39. How about Kane and Maguire will kiss on the lips doing a goal celebration to protest against Qatar.

  40. I want to know how they are gaslighting themselves into thinking this is acceptable from the highest grossing media franchise in the world. "Good ideas" shouldn't be a selling point for this franchise at this point.

  41. I for one refuse to beleive they playtested it. No one can play this specially a developer and say yes this is fine and runs the way it is intended to. Absolutely ridiculous. You'd think this game launched in 2016 and BOTW is a 2022 release if you asked someone who has no idea about games.

  42. I think a lot of Germans are just as negative about Alonso given how wretched he was to Vettel during Vettel’s championship run.

  43. A good time to once again remind ourselves that we don’t know any of these guys personally and most of them are probably just average nice guys off camera. The media is always (in a good or bad way) shaping our perspective of them

  44. Sad that we kinda forgot that Daniel will also not be on the grid next year.

  45. Difference is Daniel wants to get back. He isn’t retiring like Seb so Daniel himself probably doesn’t feel like he’s gone for good.

  46. I’m just happy he doesn’t care about the booing. Let people boo if they want let the fans express themselves. Dude doesn’t care and it’s great.

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