1. Gorgeous! Love the one on the right. You have a website!

  2. Great piece, took me right back to the 90s.

  3. This is the best sherlock I have seen. I fucking love it. I usually do not like the style much at all, but this one does something for me.

  4. Making more ? Would love some color selection This would be perfect then bring a whole rig set up with me cold starts for the win

  5. Lolol y’all spoiled, you’ve never dry hit a rig? It doesn’t harm you lol. Puffco literally released an electronic version

  6. Or they’ve never smoked weed before. Jeez so much hate for nothing.

  7. It was not! That was one of the styles Gibson offered!

  8. That’s amazing! Love those short vibratos better than the bigsbys and maestros personally. Love your guitar, enjoy it!

  9. U gotta esty store? Or somewhere to purchase

  10. Loving that wood tech. More convincing that a lot of other ones I see

  11. beautiful axes. I’m a sucker for blueberry burst but that gold top looks primo.

  12. Super cool - I’ve been eyeing one on reverb but haven’t had the pleasure of playing one before

  13. Never played it live too much but if you’re a big guy like me they can look a little small on stage haha. But seriously, it’s a great guitar I don’t plan on ever getting rid of. I guess your question is bigsby or no bigsby?

  14. Good choice. I remember thinking the same thing. Ended up taking my Les Paul bass. Tough decisions.

  15. Nice I have the same one. Internals are a bit wonky unfortunately. Gotta probably have to get it worked on cause it’s more complicated than I’m comfortable with.

  16. When you’re right you’re right. The previous owner sent it back to Alembic for a tune up at some point.

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