1. Nemean Hood with the Photo finish shader

  2. As someone who struggles with mental health thank you guardian😊😊

  3. Void subclass and you don't need a secondary. Only Striga.

  4. As a warlock you have free range of my books to learn

  5. Sunbracer warlock Well of radiance/ icarus for skating Void hunter with rigs

  6. Sunbracers are a ton of fun especially just constantly throwing them at enemy spaws.

  7. Put well mods on + bountiful and seeking and you have your incinerator snap back then you have more nades rinse repeat

  8. To do what you say is to speak in a language of pure meaning -Xûr

  9. Make all 3 and finish a guardian rises quests Personally as a warlock we have some pretty op builds Multi grenades and such

  10. The omniscient horse commands you play tonight’s dares of eternity for a chance to win galactic prizes

  11. Me but I’m just guessing every encounter and getting right

  12. With his antics lately I’ll chaos reach his ass in a heartbeat

  13. Bungo needs to show us warlocks more love man Hate shit getting nerfed

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