1. Rihanna's position as number 1 can be explained mostly due to the advent of music streaming. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) count streaming figures towards Gold and Platinum certifications, which can lead to songs and albums becoming over-certified by sometimes millions of units.

  2. Netherlands and Rugby? I'm Belgian but I know my Dutch neighbours enough to know that football is also a religion there...

  3. you are correct, my mistake

  4. There is simply no way that the netherlands is any other than green, let alone that rugby would be the most popular sport???

  5. you are correct, that was a mistake

  6. Cash flow statement is arguably the most important yet most under appreciated financial statements of all 3 statements of a company. It reveals a lot of business insights that an income statement or a balance sheet can not. Unlike income statement which everyone looks at, it's much harder to fudge numbers on a cash flow statement. So here I breakdown Apple's cash flow statement with this simple visualisation. It's a highly cash generative business!

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