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  1. The matchbox car is much smaller. Just so you know.

  2. The meme to end all memes. Fooging hilarious.

  3. David Lee Roth- late 80s. He was WASTED!! There was only one person having a blast that night. The only saving grace was I'd gotten the tickets for free.

  4. James Gang about 1971. Walsh was so drunk he came out 2 hours late, and still could not play guitar - playing wrong strings, generally very shitty. I couldn’t listen to Joe Walsh years.

  5. Bob Dylan about 2-1/2 years ago. I couldn’t understand a damned thing. He mumbled and mashed. Plus the music was bad as if the band was bored and was going to jam with each other. Every so often you’d hear Dylan say something that allowed to realize what song it was even though it sounded like anything else. He be at piano and mumbling then you’d hear, “Mr. Jones …” or whatever. I really wanted to leave, but my gf liked hearing the guitar player. I didn’t. It was a miserable night.

  6. I’m white, and personally, being called gringo is hilarious

  7. Before Reagan, food processors had to give detailed descriptions of what was in their food. I read whats in them things. I refused to eat them them and now. Reagan let them leave off the details, so pork lips, eyes, genitals, trimmings, and so on became “pork”. I ate that shit as a kid, but one day I read the can about 1978 …

  8. Beautiful. Maybe a little Doberman mixed with whatever was running around the neighborhood.

  9. “Jesus Christ! Get your dirty ass outta my operating room!”

  10. My gf and I live in different sides of a double. She already lived in her side and I bought this side at a damnedly stupid good price. We’re close, but got a little space. My 3 year old male German Shepherd loves her. This summer I’ve left the gate that divides or backyards open. So he decided to live over there. And to top it off, her female Aussie and female white German Shepherd have now moved in with me. Who knows what they think?

  11. A little of this. A little bit of that. Then a big dose of boxer.

  12. While I am NO fan of the Republican party. I've been a T1 for 42 years now, but lets not denigrate anyone with this horrible disease. Life is hard for anyone T1 or T2.

  13. I didn’t not mean to denigrate. I was just insinuating that while I’ll bet a bunch has T2, they can easily afford meds. So, your problem is not theirs.

  14. Your probably right. However now that they are in the senate and the house, they have the top of the line Government healthcare for the rest of their lives. They dont have to worry about costs.

  15. Right. And that that’s why the republicans are downvoting me!

  16. He got depantsed. Just like in middle school.

  17. “ He was the village idiot of New York City. “

  18. He made it safe to shout the N word again.

  19. Cigarettes. I think what a smelly dumb ass.

  20. I used to buy a Deep Deep from Little Caesar’s, eat a couple slices and put all the remaining pieces individually in sandwich sized baggies and freeze them.

  21. In the back of my pantry, I’m sure there is a bulging can of tuna, expired in 2014. Let me make you a nice samwich.

  22. Milk. I keep on hand; Whole Milk, 2%, 1% and Skim. Goats milk, moose milk, dolphin milk and cat milk. Butter milk, better milk and boobie milk. Milk weed, milk maidens and Milque Toast. Milk.

  23. Those shoes are bright, but you know, I like them too!

  24. Used to work in a warehouse loading trucks. The trucks were outside, with the rear door against the building, typical style. It was 105f that day. A couple of us were in there loading whatever. It was a Sears warehouse, so whatever really meant whatever. Anyway, I farted in a >100f truck on my coworkers. I worked by myself for a few days after that.

  25. Accidents with razor knives are some of the most common accidents. For a number of reasons; they're small & fit in the hand like lots of other safer objects, everybody has seen & used them, so they are rather complacent, things like that. And partly because of their size, they're not going to do something like a thousand pound swinging piece of metal or a ruptured steam line. (Cue Raiders Of The Lost Ark scene of opening the ark).

  26. We had a guy in school cutting a mat for an art class, filet his thumb with a box knife. Right thru the nerves and some tendons. Tendons got repaired, but after that a large area of his thumb was numb.

  27. Good stuff. I developed a taste for it football games where the only mustard available was guldens. After a season I was addicted.

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