1. Very cool colors. When you turn 40 they issue you a Comet.

  2. I tried a Meteor, Buzz, Sol, before finally picking up a Comet. Should have tried it first and saved the money I spent on buzzz’s on more Comets.

  3. I might need to do some bag condensing but I bag a buzzz and a comet

  4. Just checked, not currently on the list of PDGA approved discs. Anyone know if it ever was?

  5. Doesn’t need to be for casual play ;)

  6. Absolutely. Really just a curiosity thing, it’s wild what the PDGA approved back in the day.

  7. Like those discs with golf ball dimples? I personally have two super strange discs, both from doomsday discs, the landmine (super thick and tall putter) and a frag, which is so ridiculously overstable that you can throw it overhand and it’ll flatten out within twenty feet.

  8. I worked for Walmart as cleaning crew overnights for three years. We found a dead dog in a trash can in the parking lot one summer

  9. Some do, I’ve disced down on this hole since this was recorded

  10. Dude I can’t get a good drive on this hole

  11. For sure. 200’ or less is good for beginners and a fun pick me up after a bad round

  12. Never. Scratches from thorns however….

  13. Same. I don’t have a commander group to play with so that’s how I get my fix

  14. That's Robert Morris hole #17 (long/original tee). It's a few miles east of Kalamazoo.

  15. I’ve heard that’s a great course. Battle Creek and Kzoo have a amazing scene!

  16. You're not wrong. I'm spoiled for choice, with Robert Morris, Oshtemo, Spring Valley, Begg, Territorial Brewing, Meyer Broadway, Cold Brook, Vicksburg, and Knollwood (I rarely throw here) all within 30 minutes or so of my house. And that doesn't count all the little 9 hole courses and a couple of private ones I don't bother with. I still have yet to throw Leila Arboretum, as it is apparently just for masochists.

  17. I’ve heard the same. I personally think Irving’s woods are underrated, just needs a decent cleanup. Come check out Commons in Angola or Maxton in Butler if you’re ever down this way!

  18. I’d give one to the Fort Disc Golf Club and the Angola Disc Golf Club for prizes for upcoming tournaments Next year. Angola just had their first tournament this year! Good to see the sport grow!

  19. Lmk if you wanna part with the comet.

  20. I don't think there is "a" best throwing putter.

  21. I really like my aviarx3 in xt plastic for forehand approaches

  22. Shogun, sensei, genius and majesty have been money for me personally. But I agree always buy from the bros at local route ( my local shop) any time I can

  23. The genius in active base was my understable driver until taught myself better angle control

  24. None. I have enough. I do need some backups tho.

  25. If you compare the official dimensions of the two Wombat3s they're slightly different. It seems they decided to change the mold.

  26. Thank you. I figured that’s what it was. Maybe I’ll have to give it another try

  27. Yeah, they did the rat and something else as well. No clue what it means but maybe the molds are out of date and need redone due to usage.

  28. Weird. The wombat3 was approved in 2015. Do discs need reapproved after a certain number of years?

  29. Been trying to ring this one up with this exact disc for a long time

  30. K3 line is the only one I tried. Hard but durable

  31. Love that man, wish I could have smoked with my dad before he passed. Enjoy it

  32. Same. Dad passed away last October. He started smoking to combat the effects of chemo and dialysis but I never got to smoke with him before he passed.

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