1. I wanted to recomend Miake Izakaya, but I think they are closed over lunch, not sure

  2. If so, that is new. They used to have lunch. Too upmarket for me though, with great Wasabi bentos 2 go right around the corner.

  3. I wear the sam coat I got for 150.- 12 years ago plus two swcondhand ones for 20.- and one for 70.-

  4. Fits with the look, price and scent: Valentino uomo

  5. Recommend me please a fragrance that reminds you of tictac. But less minty and more sweet like sugar with vanilla and a hit on cinnamon or licorice. I tried a Victoria secrets perfume maybe 15 years ago that smelled just like it but I think it has since been discontinued. Preferably without roses as I’ve tried for her from Narciso and it made feel sick. I’m currently using mon Guerlain which I like but it’s still not what I’m looking for. Any recommendations are appreciated thank you!

  6. Imaginary autors saint julep is THE sweet mint but unfortunatly it is way to short lived.

  7. Keep 2!!! It looks sooo good on you! Very flattering. You could use it for a wedding or work event or just a day to day dress. The shoulder pads are ok, but you could just cut them out if you don't like them.

  8. I really like how my waist looks In two ! I try to wear dresses as much as possible cause I feel my best in them for sure, just about finding the right place to wear them

  9. It looks amazing with the shoulders a d the flared hemm. I also think it could be dressed up or down pretty easely while the other two are full on glam.

  10. I life in a country with reasonable healthcare. So it might not apply that much.

  11. A mixture of the big fishs point on the better storry wins, and the conclousion that its better to life in a way somewhat honouring anamistic belives, weather or not its true. Its better to see beauty and use it like soells against the nissury of the world.

  12. Look in to these ultrasound defiuser. It looks a bit like smoak but with out the headaches. You can add what ever esential oils you like or non at all. I am autistic too and hate incense but love the look of smoak. I am scared an ooen flame will burn the hous down lol.

  13. It feels like its phisicaly impossibel. Like my thriught is blocked of and my vocal cords frozen. At the same time my minde screams the words at me, but I can't vocelais them.

  14. That’s the issue with the literature though, it’s coming from a conscious perspective attempting to define what is potentially infinite.

  15. It would me sooo cool to have an manual lol. A lot of my life is trying to give ppl manuals on how my brain functions, its not easy.

  16. I woulden't rush yourself. Give yourself the gift of time and softness. Expiriment with clothing and hair and where you see "femeninity" and "masqulinity" in the world. Not in ppl.

  17. I don't buy cristals at all. I collect pretty rocks and pepples instead. (Especialy witchstones)

  18. I think it comes down to being clear on WHAT you want. And creating vishion boards and meditating can help you with that.

  19. The idea that every autistic person should unmask themselfs completly or else they will not be autentic/healthy/happy is SO toxic!!! I only encoubtered the idea if unmasking here on reddit and it diden't do me much good and a lot of harm I diden't need.

  20. My Therapist who specialises on ASD has a Card over his dore hanging that says "its proofen that there are no correct responses to 'how are you' "

  21. Every piece of advice given here so far has been wonderful, from shower oranges to head-shaves. I personally want to advocate for something a bit more traditional - therapy, specifically cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is an incredibly useful tool-building practice that helps you understand a great number of things, from how experiences you've had can be Complex Traumas and how those effect you, to how to handle those effects and resolve traumas over time to heal. 95% of it is talk-therapy, the rest being what my therapist and I call 'homework', wherein you collaborate with your therapist on tasks to complete between session to help build skills or uncover places of growth.

  22. I strongly second this!!! I am actualy in CBT and it helped me SO MUCH more then psychoanalisis. English isen't my first languge, I just had a compassion outbreak in my comments and I know Therapie is not as easy to come by in the US as it is in my countrie.

  23. Something that bothers me is the idea that any woman trying to be sexy is doing so to appease or serve men. Like, yes I think that can be an issue, especially in a patriarchal society. However, it can also disregard the agency of women. Many women like sex! Why can't a woman present sexy because she's seeking sexual attention!!

  24. If I am going to be a target no matter what I do, I need to know from what corners the shots will come

  25. I am always partial to “I see Pride, I see Power, I see a badass Mother who don’t no crap off nobody”. Repeat as needed. Warning may cause unnecessary bar fights with Swiss bobsledders.

  26. As a swiss person, I am wondering what happened lol

  27. Oh you are in for a treat. It’s a reference to one of my favorite movies Cool Runnings. It’s a Disney movie released in the early 90’s. It’s a heavily fictionalized version of the true story of the first Jamaican bobsled team. For some reason the film directors made the main antagonists a Swiss bobsled team. It’s kind of cheesy but ultimately very uplifting and positive. I watched it with my daughter a year ago and we both were crying at the end LOL.

  28. OMG I love cool running! I wached it with my dad as a kid! I diden't recognise the reffrence ciz I wached it in german lol. But that remeinded me I should totaly wach it with my kids now! Its a great movie!

  29. So true! Maybe I'll actually make some of my famous toffee candy for everyone 😸🤞

  30. I am autistic too and a Bonus Mum to my older kid (10) plus having worked with kids for 10+years. I'd go with sweets for the kids, ask dad for ideas too! Thats a nutral gift. I also woulden't make grand speeches about being the new one, or not wanting them to belive this or that. Just be as autentic as you can be and say I am nervous. Mabye even be upfront about being on the spectrum if you are comfortable to share. For SASS you could finde something that symbolises calm and openness to you and bring it with you. A pice of jewelery, a color in your clothing, a new phone lockscreen pic etc. So when you get overwhelmed you can ground yourself to what ever quality you want to stay connected with.

  31. I mean I could tell you the results in advance: spells mostly don’t do anything except help you think or feel in a certain way, and that IS powerful.

  32. My therapist incurages me to finde SASS ways to practise. Its nothing new that rituals are helpfulll to humans across time and space. Hence most ppl do seasonal rituals and co. Regardless of religion.

  33. You can finde some if you look in psychologie, Antropologie, use of rutuals across cultures, religious studies, Geologie and the impact landscape has on ppl and culture, placebo and no-cebo effects, archetyps. More general stuff and then aply it to magick.

  34. Here are the super low energy practices I did to get out of the negative self talk, hate and crisis.

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