1. Hey. Try playing Vampire, Zombie World, Eldlich in one deck lol.

  2. Why is your mama a hoe? Some questions will just never have answers my boi

  3. I don't know any splashable cards so any are good to know. Probably something for the extra deck.

  4. do you have any decks as examples? baronne is a great splashable lvl 10 synchro, but if you dont have a deck that can make level 10 synchros then theres no point in crafting it right now.

  5. I already have baronne. The decks I currently have are swordsoul teni, Vampires and salamangrate. I'm currently working on Branded Despia.

  6. Direct attacks, piercing damage, effect damage, or Kaijus. That's about it.

  7. I've been thinking about suicide a while now and now I've just kinda accepted the fact that it will happen at some point.

  8. I find Vampire Zombie world fun to play.

  9. Cuba Gooding Jr. Is he still on trial?

  10. I think it would be cool the see luchador cards. I guess the cards would mainly try to prevent or make summoning monsters difficult for your opponent. The boss monster can be called El Sol Luchador not sure what effect he would have tho. There can be an equip card called Campion de Lucha that makes the monster it's equiped to increase ATK for each monster or special summoned monster it destroys. Don't know if it exists or not dut I think it's a cool concept. Some other card names can be La Luna or Lebra Luchadora, Motorista Luchador and Mascara de sueños.

  11. Anime style larping. Hasn't failed me yet.

  12. Yeah but I never tried it. I’ll try to on next time I go

  13. I assume your instructor did SUMO before? He must’ve be pretty big if he had competition experience in this. I’ve only encountered sumo training a few times so far

  14. Yeah he competed but he's not huge just kinda tall.

  15. Lol. Sorry this was a hard question to word for me. I mean like something you like that you feel is exclusive to you, something kinda low key not too many people know but it's really cool . you know?

  16. Meeting up with someone an night to discreetly exchange rare trading cards.

  17. It's only been 2 days and it may or may not be Judo related. Could be short term but I'll get it checked regardless.

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