TIFU by asking my dad for a new sweatshirt

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  1. 69K is not that much. I am no PvP God and I am at 107k.

  2. This post was like an airplane, wasn't it?

  3. she literally just finished writing the last book too.

  4. the conversations I have with a truck driver are drastically different than a harvard grad.

  5. Or, even more unpopular opinion, let’s force American law makers to fund and modernize our failing school systems.

  6. It's only unpopular with politicians. Although knowing the current people in charge of american school systems, it would probably just go to a new stadium or some bullcrap.

  7. the username, the meme, the caption. Flawless.

  8. Citan doesn't change the cooldown, and the change notes explicitly mention uptime

  9. I feel like bringing up Citan specific nerfs even further separates citans balancing from overall barricade balancing, but pop off

  10. dude, was saying the nerfs were due to citans and not hoil. nobody has a problem w hoil

  11. 10 vacation days a year. There’s life outside of work.

  12. american here - I get somewhere around 35-50 vacation days a year including holidays. But I happen to work for a pretty laid back corporate environment.

  13. Loved the TWAB this week!!! Thanks for interacting with us like this.

  14. Honestly, for folks that are more interested in fighting, I would hold off the series until Book 2 comes out. I can see that the author put a lot of thought into the foundation of the worldbuilding and power system in place, so the sequel is looking to be battle-oriented. Book 1 has some nice suspense, especially towards the end, but I wouldn't say there have been many battles.

  15. I enjoyed the first book even if there wasn't much fighting at all. It was till very well put together and the tension was still present.

  16. my wife will just come in my office, look at my screen, and say something to the order of:

  17. Have you unlocked the adept inquisitor, there's a difference between having the normal and adept one, having the normal one won't give you access to the adept one

  18. so you have to have gone flawless before... got it. thanks

  19. Yeah im sorry bud but destiny will always be a pve game before a pvp game. They aren't going to drop everything and coddle you because you decided you wanted pvp in a game that will never be competitive. Crucible does need some help, but not on the scale you want. Other pvp centered games exist. Go play those.

  20. these changes aren't even that large in scale bud.

  21. you on PC? from what I hear there's just not enough players for decent matchmaking there... I have no issues with lagging or stuff in quickplay and I'm actually having fun instead of being tossed around like a ragdoll by high elo "no-lifers" ;) (a/k/a very good pvp players that play a ton of it)

  22. there's more pc players than consoles I'm pretty sure

  23. Personally I prefer no advantages, just super stubborn and a little bit lucky

  24. I’m a fresh grad, got my B.S. in Cybersec, Sec+ and only 3 months experience with the government and landed a job as a cybersecurity analyst. Its a numbers game, always has been as a new grad with no experience. Just keep applying and fine tuning your interviewing skills. Its what I had to do, I’ve had 15 separate job interviews but I know I did horrible the first 8 or so.

  25. projects 100% matter. recruiters are just dumb tbh

  26. love how the silver tree just disappeared into obscurity and irrelevance w the next season

  27. If you do decide to stop in worry of this and want to go all in on that worry, use DIM to make sure all your gear is in your vault, and if you don't have space, this is a good reason to make space.

  28. this is what I did to my hunter before I played today. Moved all my inventory to vault

  29. I've done it once, but its v difficult.

  30. wait there's color??? All I ever see if black and grey and white

  31. I'd at least show the ranks displayed before the match starts so I know whether to bring my own lube.

  32. just wanted to let you know your 5x funnier than I've ever been and i love you

  33. dear God I haven't even considered to check on the players that curb stomp me if they're in the same division or not. i've just assumed they were because that is literally the most logical way to set up comp.

  34. character looks straight out of Scorn lore. iykyk

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