1. The lowest quality on my main is 78 with one 100 and multiple 90s. Never really invested too much gold into stones to achieve this.

  2. Why does this get posted here every week

  3. Because op keep posting the same meme over and over in a hope it might get some karma. Literally posted this same picture a day ago

  4. who's playing reflux over ignite for prog? who's playing tai over shock for prog?

  5. Like, all players who have fun with those specific engravings? They can prog just as fine as their counterpart lol. If anything it is easier because while progging you don’t know the burst windows

  6. Why are these people wearing clothes that no one actually wears while gaming? Uncomfortable af

  7. Since when wearing a hoodie or in general something to stay warm in winter is considered uncomfortable, do you play in your underwear or something?

  8. It's just more Walls to piss off players to try and stop bots, come up with a proper solution and stop messing about and get a proper solution.

  9. It’s a single click. You don’t even need to read what’s written because it always ask you to find the upside down one and you just look for 10 seconds, click over it and you are done for the day.

  10. We're here, and while you want to rob us of any flavor in the world and would rather just delete the whole game aside from the alt+Q menu, we will continue to enjoy new continents and islands and lore while it lasts. But we know in the end every game becomes a soulless raid logging game because that's how the majority eventually steers every game into.

  11. It’s almost as if the majority of people enjoy the gameplay more than reading through text.

  12. dont, all this player that suggest you to play is bs.

  13. There’s a lot of people willing to help new players or players in general what are you even on?

  14. With all these threads about passes and how bad they are you’d expect people to not buy them and yet here we are

  15. It's so annoying how these events mostly require whatever awakened hero if you want to do decently. Asolise keep being slapped in every single team, fuck her.

  16. I thought valtan busses asked for the payment after g1? At least that’s what a bunch of friends of mine that run busses told me

  17. Something something press space to dodge but it only center the camera over your character

  18. L’ultima volta che sono andata al cinema era per la prima di ‘The hateful eight’ che se non sbaglio è stata 6 o 7 anni fa. Non ci sono film che mi facciano venire voglia di spendere 8-9 euro e ad amici frega meno che niente quindi niente cinema.

  19. Face looks so weird, can’t tell why but it looks off compared to everything else.

  20. Its funny post since without busers I would quit this game. I came back after 4 month break, started again in December.

  21. So you admit that your roster is shit but blame it on others for not accepting you…brilliant my guy.

  22. Se scrivo qualcosa che so per certo essere contrario al pensiero generale della sub di solito non rispondo, mi limito a prendere meno da persone chiaramente arrabbiate perché qualcuno non la pensa come loro e fine. Tanto raramente vale la pena di rispondere.

  23. Shock scrapper is about knowing when you can land your biggest hits which are supernova and death rattle, while using the others to keep adrenaline maxed and your shock meter as high as possible.

  24. I don't think you can blame players for what the game makes you feel, the game is designed to make you FOMO, to brag about your success honing or on drops and it feeds on that to make other players play more, or spend money to catch up.

  25. I swear people throw the ‘p2w’ around without realizing that this game is not p2w but pay to advance. And the difference is quite big because in a p2w you pay to have an advantage against other players, so strictly for pvp which is nearly non existent in this game if not for a few islands and gvg.

  26. Jesus can we stop with this stupid garbage? This game is an RPG. Main goal of RPGs is to make your character more powerful. And this game heavily promotes you getting more powerful, you even get announcements for honing high tier gear, there are flashy MVP screens for top damage, and the community itself heavily encourages getting more powerful (easier time in raids, easier time finding groups for raids etc.). Getting more powerful in a PvE game IS WINNING. And being more powerful and resourceful than other players is gaining a very tangible advantage over them and "beating' them in this power centric game. And in Lost Ark, getting more powerful is directrly linked to your wallet. Lost Ark is P2W, in fact it is extremely P2W, one of the most P2W game I have ever seen or played. And it will only get worse with future raids and things like esther weapons.

  27. I am not defending it at all. I simply find it fun how much people care about the so called p2w in a game where you play pve for pretty much 99% of the times.

  28. This feels AI generated. anyone get that feeling

  29. Zoom on the hands and you’ll get your answer

  30. Also, doesn't this now make it so a 4 man premade has all the control? They can int your game, abandon the lane, ignore you, and then immediately FF at 15.

  31. If a 4 men premade pull that shit on you chances are that by 20 minutes the only person who hadn’t any fun in the game was you

  32. Prima volta a sciare+ cretino sulle piste per principianti che pensa di fare le olimpiadi=gamba rotta. Son cascata e questo non si è fermato, cadendomi sulla gamba.

  33. Jokes on you, I broke my right arm back in middle school right at the start of summer vacations…very fun

  34. Americans be like “mental health who”

  35. Sadly this shit happens everywhere in the world. Mental health is just not something that most people care for. Not as much as they should for sure.

  36. You must be playing some different kind of game if you seriously think wardancer as a class ‘falls off’ after Kakul

  37. That's literally the entire point I'm trying to make. They keep trying to change the formula, but people complain about it.

  38. Pretty much all the gimmicks they tried to introduce were utterly broken and meta defining.

  39. tbf Pokemon's competitive format is VGC/Doubles, the game isn't really meant to be balanced for 6v6 singles.

  40. I was talking about VCG doubles in fact.

  41. I was just thinking that the other day: if there are 8 billion people rn in the next 100 years there will be need for 8 billion (and probably more) burials, and so on. Doesn’t sound like a sustainable business model to me

  42. Usually those who are buried are also cremated after something like 10 years. Or so I’ve been always told.

  43. With my luck I could clear Brel on 6 chars to get those packs and still be missing cards despite the fact I have 4 selection packs sitting in my inventory… shit’s frustrating I just want to reach LoS 18

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