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  1. This is hyperbole, right? You don't actually have $30k sitting in a no/low yield checking account do you?

  2. I do. I’ve been looking around for some higher yield accounts but the most I was aware of until you fine people mentioned it was about 0.5%, which wasn’t worth it

  3. How long with YNAB? You went from overdrawn to sitting on 30k without her noticing a lifestyle change that’s… impressive.

  4. They did check. And they just discovered that she was over the limit

  5. How did you know the exact location from a small video clip? It sure looks beautiful up there.

  6. Lol. I live in the area and drive that road often. I guess it’s more familiar to me than I realized

  7. I have always heard great things about PNW especially Oregon.

  8. Oh I think you’re right upon inspection! Looks just like Deadpool’s eyes from a distance

  9. Yes, but you’re missing the point. OP is talking about focal length, which is something that can be modified on something like a DSLR, but not a phone camera.

  10. No… there’s a difference between inflation and the relative change in price of something. That’s why some things have gone up more than others.

  11. I think you meant to say “your dollar in 2010 is worth MORE than your dollar in 2022”

  12. Does anyone know if there’s a good sub for informational signs like this? I find these little bits of science/history so interesting

  13. Well, their recollection was on the right lines. They didn't go bankrupt, but they did have to get bought out to save the company

  14. Thought that looked familiar! This is Cannon Place in Brighton, jumping from the Churchill Square Car Park

  15. We at Chevron straight up don't give a single fuck about you, your weird children, or your stupid ratty-ass dog.

  16. USPS has updated your address since your house was relocated by Hurricane Ian. Your new address is…

  17. Deal with callers in the order they appear.

  18. Yes I’ve been on hold for 5 years now. Are you gonna answer?

  19. I watched so much more of this than I should have. It's brilliant

  20. Has there ever been an instance of a person putting dangerous substances in Halloween Candy? I can only find one story - and it turns out the father of the kid poisoned his own kid for insurance money.

  21. This has been routinely shut down as absolute nonsense and fear-mongering for many years now

  22. Have a product that lasts MANY years. Not for a lack of resources of the great companies , but it is much more profitable to make a product that lasts a few years and make people go after another product of yours.

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