Reddit Recap 2022: Thanks for being here. Even if things were a mess out there.

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  1. I wonder what that baby did with it's life. Considering how articulate it was as a baby they probably had unbelievable potential even not counting their stand.

  2. That's my main criticism too. The artistic direction of the anime no longer fits the manga (since S5 obviously)

  3. Bangladeshis are very racist in general. I have seen lots of shit talking about people from Chadpur, Noakhali, Kumilla and Barisal. But, most of these cases were friendly banter between friends. If someone is jokingly saying those things, don't take them too personally and find a way to make fun of their district.

  4. It's a stereotype taken too far. I'll admit that I as well have joked about Noakhali when my friends do some stupid stuff, despite having barely seen Noakhaillas in my life. And yeah it really is funny because there's barely any cultural difference between Noakhali and basically any other district in Bangladesh other than language.

  5. Of course it is. An education revamp will completely change the way people think from the ground up. By providing better education first and then teaching them the consequences of their actions is likely to be very effective even in Bangladesh. It might take a few generations though.

  6. Almost like a certain wartime revolutionary leader tried that half a century ago and accidentally became a dictator

  7. So you're telling me... things actually happened in 2022? New things?

  8. Mid-late 30's is way too old lol. I'll give Tserriednich late 20's at most. 28 seems perfect for him.

  9. There's no reason for Tserriednich to go out of his way and search for victims in Meteor City when he can find them in Kakin.

  10. Completely missed this part. I thought they were puppets of the original people in the audience.

  11. I truly think Hisoka would stoop that low. He killed a guy from brushing against him.

  12. After 4 years of drowning in an indescribable emptiness, we are now sinking in ineffable peak

  13. the thing is that "Specialist" is the bizarre Nen Type , even if there are some so bizarre that the definition of "Specialist" doesn't quite match , like Nanika.

  14. I absolutely agree. But I'm just saying, Gon was easily able to beat the first few floors even without Nen. Now with a lot more experience and physical strength, he should only be stomped by the Floor Masters. Or maybe he still wrecks them.

  15. That'd be kind of cool. Gon has to regain his former abilities through hard work rather than natural talent which could also prove that any Nen user could reach the heights of someone like Netero or Ging.

  16. I'd be cool if he completely just misses the Dark Continent arc because he's out there training.

  17. Very... underwhelming. A one-time random guy that's super forgettable and was used just to showcase a protagonist's prowess. He doesn't deserve this role.

  18. I think it's explained by Bisky before. Greed Island Gon learned Emission techniqe more easily compared to Transmutation because he leaned towards Emission. (Post-election Gon is pure Enhancement now for some reason)

  19. Probably because of the reset. Alluka returned him to "normal", which reset his practice and living environment that affects someone's lean.

  20. Between Chrollo growing up around that Church of All Faiths, his anti-Christ inspired design and his talking about Judas, it seems like he might actually be fairly religious, which likely inspired his insistence on the afterlife. Probably a coping mechanism

  21. Or he really does believe in religion, but what happened to him kick-started it. What a wild character.

  22. Not my least favorite arc at all, in fact it's my favorite, but I would fix the pacing of Chimera Ant arc, and remove the parts where Netero and Gon speak faster than light somehow.

  23. I can't write like Togashi, but I would make it so that Kite gets skipped over just to see Gon and Killua rocket towards Ging and slap headfirst into him at full speed.

  24. Reddit moment (answer something not even remotely relevant to their question and end up getting upvoted)

  25. IF you doN't hAVE ANythiNg iN this FRidge RAideR you doN't hAve NO busiNess taKiNg SomethiNg doN't DeloNgs to you

  26. You think this means anything when Israel is in the top 12? Lmao. There is no real way to measure happiness.

  27. Nice build and nice flag. One of the few Indians I've met in the game in over 7 years.

  28. i feel like this can be proven to him with a 1st grade science project involving a dark room, a flashlight, a basketball, and a tennis ball.

  29. Qur’an doesn't even explicitly denounce the theory of evolution. We just know that Adam (As.) did not evolve from a lower species, and neither did the modern human beings (homo sapiens sapiens). It's possible that there were hominids living on Earth before Adam (As.) landed.

  30. Credit to mustafizur as well, he did well not to give away his wicket

  31. Especially as a bowler. I've noticed Mustafiz is almost always reliable with the bat. He very often drops sixes whenever he gets the chance to play, despite not being an all rounder.

  32. We need south asian representative in football man cricket is ass

  33. Cricket is actually pretty fun lol. I didn't enjoy it at first but watching it for a while will make you get the hang of it. It's just not an international sport.

  34. You’re saying this because we won. The team isn’t an associate. They’re a full member with significant amount of experience to not mess up. :)

  35. Of course I'm saying that because we won. Your critique is valid, we mess up way too often and choke easy games, but we still have good players.

  36. A lot of the others have space related abilities because of Meteor City (Uvo and Feitan per example)

  37. You mention Uvo because he has an ability called Big Bang Impact (probably because it makes a big bang) and not Bonolenov, who literally conjures a planet?

  38. Yeah, maybe it depends on the translation but from the way I read it, the internet was just getting started at the time and Chrollo was smart enough to realize how massive it would become and how much of an impact it would have on the world. I don’t think he simply thought of the concept out of thin air.

  39. I too thought so, but I don't think the Internet was a thing yet. I think it was at the ARPANET stage, where the building blocks of the Internet were laid out, but not the worldwide web or the Internet itself. There's almost no way he could've predicted that information was transmitted through rays of light. The rest was entirely Chrollo's deduction though.

  40. I think ODI is the best format. T20 is okay. But it's pure greed with T10....etc. what's next T1????

  41. It's cricket trying to attract an international audience, because you require a huge attention span to sit through even the T20 nowadays, which is 150 minutes including the break. An entire hour longer than a football game. That's why the T10 cuts that time in half and tries to keep up with the rest of the world.

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