1. It was AIM-9X sidewinder Air-to-Air missile, it costs 381 thousand dollars a piece.

  2. Just saw a lady trying to sell the dome guidance system of one of those missiles on Pawn Stars… They didn’t buy because too expensive, hard to sell and maybe illegal to own.

  3. What the fuck lol. She'd be better off selling it to Russia. But then she's gonna be getting the good ol "FBI open up!".

  4. I haven’t looked into it, but I’ve come across a few mentions that G14s won’t charge at full power without an official power brick. Like the way chargers/cables wouldn’t work with iPhones without that microchip.

  5. I can debunk this. I’ve used a 3rd party “universal” 180w gaming laptop power brick with interchangeable tips on the 2021 g14, g15, and 2022 g14 without issue.

  6. Use Msi afterburner overlay (google/YouTube) and check temps. Can use hwinfo (free program) to check temps (among other things).

  7. Hey thanks for the reply but I got another problem now lol. For some reason, my ping in games will skyrocket a lot now. I don’t even know why, I’ve restarted my computer, router, forgot my Wi-Fi and connected again. I’ve done everything I could right now and it’s still not working, it’s not just in one game it’s in every game that requires online connections. My Wi-Fi is completely fine but I’m not sure what to do. Any fixes?

  8. I mean you have a point but what if they run out of stock and I don’t get it because of listening to ppl in this app?

  9. Did you see the gorilla?

  10. Just curious, stick or auto? And if you're auto with a CVT, what did you do to make it last? That's like my biggest concern with newer cars. Haha

  11. My 2015 cvt literally shat itself recently. Car went grumble grumble and then coasted off to the side of the road.

  12. Goku got hit by a rock when he was in ss1 from by krilin when he wasn't ready.

  13. I would try and remove the liquid metal as much as possible every single micro dot, then replace with normal thermal paste. The glue doesn't need to be replaced you can clean that to.

  14. I’m a total n00b, but I’ve read about “pump out” with normal paste. That’s why Liquid Metal… 🤷‍♂️

  15. Put a ballon sticker on the side of it.

  16. That is very accurate, when I tore mine they did an MRI and the doctor was like “that area you can see right there is where your ACL should be, it’s all fluid because the ACL dissolves and is reabsorbed once there isn’t any tension holding it together.”

  17. Damn! How long did it take before you went to a doctor? How fast did it dissolve? 😳

  18. It was probably a couple weeks later by the time I got an MRI. I didn’t go to the hospital at the time so I made an appointment with a doctor for the next week and then they referred me to a specialist for the imaging that was another week or so. I don’t know if it was completely dissolved at that point, I think it kind of disintegrates before its reabsorbed so maybe it was there and just part of the “soup” in my knee but there was no recognizable structure.

  19. Was looking for this. That’s what I did. Wonder when we’ll see a Win 11 LTSC? Gotta be in the pipeline right?

  20. This might be it, I've not repasted it since I bought it so I'll try to check that out, thx for the tip! Guess I'll update if it doesnt work or somethin

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