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  1. I use any cat whiskers I find from my 3 kitties, they are v powerful!!! I dont have experience with familiars though if that's what you are asking about!

  2. You should look up the correspondences for heather! And decide what intention you'd like! Then find and add 2 more corresponding herbs and add those with the same intention. Witchcraft and spell making is more personal and up to the individual than something like following a recipe. Best of luck and Blessed be!

  3. You could use corresponding coloured string around the jar neck to seal the spell 🤔 or make spell bags with some scrap material, then you can sew the spell components inside and tuck the spell away wherever you would like! You could pass it off as practicing your stitch work!

  4. I'm new to the practice but I would say yes, you an make protection spells for others 🤔 maybe a success or luck spell bag he could have in his pocket?

  5. Blues and greens are my favourite colours! All varieties of the colours 💚💙 brown is a beautiful colour as well!

  6. The Witch of Wanderlust says "May your gods treat you as you have treated others" at the end of her videos and I have always found that so profound and beautiful:D

  7. I've been using a cleansing sounds video from youtube when I clean with intent to remove the negative energy. A singing bowl or even a silver bell would work as well for sound cleansing!

  8. You could carve corresponding sigils or runes into the candle and dress it with oils and herbs!!

  9. Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison is a great one on baneful magic! :D

  10. Yes!! I am a stoner barista in the mundane so coffee is something I work with daily and start my day with! I also smoke throught the day when and if I can. I recently got some herb, from a local dispensary, that has sage in it and I am thinking of using in self love workings or something along that line!😁

  11. Yes, they are almost double your age, they have almost double the life experience. There will always be a power imbalance and it's just not a situation any young person should put themselves in.

  12. I've heard of it as a piece of paper with no machine cut edges (you can just tear along the edges, towards you to bring in, away from you to cast away), that you write your intentions on in I am or present tense statements. Some prefer to write the same statement 3 times then turn the paper (either clockwise or counterclockwise) and write another corresponding statement. I, along with some, also sign the statement 3 times when I am done, folding it towards or away from me accordingly. Hope this helps I'm not a big commenter tbh 😅

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