1. Hopefully the next tour has a lot of Neighborhoods and DED mixed in. Would be dope to hear When I Was Young, Even If She Falls, Kaleidoscope, Boxing Day, Disaster, Snake Charmer, and others.

  2. Krampus!!! But it’s a christmas movie so you may wanna wait another month before watching it.

  3. Most likely no further progress on the game. But… we can hope for some KiKiKi MaMaMa next October!

  4. I think F13 is the only one of the main slasher movies that fans actually love the reboot! Halloween and NOES fans tend to hate the reboots so it’s nice to know that people do actually like reboots if they’re made well enough.

  5. I have not one complaint about Gravity Falls, but nothing can ever top Adventure Time for me haha

  6. Season 2 is my least favorite season. There, I said it. Bite me

  7. Really? Most people I know think season 2 is the best. I’m glad i’m not the only person with this opinion.

  8. The “Evil Dies Tonight” I don’t really have an issue with. It’s more the way all the characters deliver it. When Sheriff Bracket said it, it really didn’t sound bad. But the way Mary says it in the bar bothered me for some reason.

  9. exactly. we’re trying to make the worst set list possible, are we not??

  10. I personally can’t stand Taking Back Sunday. I’m definitely biased because I’m a huge fan of Matt Rubano and I just absolutely hate the way TBS treated him, despite carrying most of their weight. Fred also had a lot of negative things to say about the band if I remember correctly. Their music isn’t bad, but not good enough for me to look past how shitty of people they seem.

  11. I will always have nothing but good things to say about both Matt Fazzi and Matt Rubano and their contributions to TBS. I know it's recorded and produced, but Live from Bamboozle and Live from Orensanz albums just show how much more polished both Matts are at singing and playing.

  12. Dude I was so excited when I heard Matt was playing bass for AVA. I love how he became a full member too, as he just started off as someone to play bass for them live. But I’m pretty sure that Losing My Mind, Spellbound, and Restless Souls were all actually recorded in the studio by Matt.

  13. The first fight between the freelancers and the mercenaries in season 12. The quality and choreography wasn’t the best. Season 13s fight was MUCH better but the first fight deserves a redo.

  14. My Heroine, Moon as my Witness, Lifeline, Mercenaries, Chasing Shadows

  15. I know it's a troll post but I actually like Resurrection, the mask was the best since the original one. Danny Lux rendition of the score was great too. However the plot and characters fall short.

  16. I liked the mask but didn’t like how you were able to see through his eye holes. But it seems like that whole timeline besides the first film is consistent with that so it’s not the end of the world

  17. What’s next? Is Leo gonna start wearing stilts to match Toms exact height?

  18. One time, he took a selfie with his friends and asked them to make themselves look shorter so he looked taller

  19. The fact that I dont even feel the need to ask “Really?!?!” just shows how expected this is LMAO This dude really needs to learn how to appreciate himself as his own unique individual. For someone with a good amount of talent, he really could’ve made his name just being himself!

  20. Who feels this way about the album? This shit went harder than Empire, imo. Opens up with “Saturday love”, epic tunes like “the revelator” and “inertia”, and closes with Tom actually soloing in “we are all that we are.” Incredible closer and the solo HITS. Fantastic album

  21. I LOVE Part 2! (See what i did there hehe) But I think I-Empire tops it for me. I love Saturday Love, but the chorus kinda always loses me a bit. Call to Arms on the other hand I think is AVAs best opener! But I will say We Are All That We Are is either AVAs number one or number two closer along with Heaven.

  22. But what about Stomping the Phantom Brake Pedal?

  23. Forgot that one existed until you mentioned it HAHA. Don’t really think of it as an album though. Like I know it technically is but since it’s mostly remixes I don’t think most people put it in the same category.

  24. Anyone else just now realizing that Church is holding a Reach sniper rifle instead of a Halo 3?

  25. Honestly i just hate how robotic Michael’s movement was in the second movie. Also didn’t like being able to see his eyes

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