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  2. Genuine question, when was the last time the World Cup host lost the opening match?

  3. british commentator said it never happened before if i'm not mistaken

  4. Anyone else feel like the American commentators–especially those two on Fox 1–are absolute trash? Feels like Monday Night Football and they have minimal knowledge on the sport. Switched over to British commentators and the experience is so much better

  5. Why is the "Create New Playlist" button between Liked Songs and My Library on desktop? I've created like 10 playlists accidentally so far. Doesn't make any sense. Bring back the Search button please.

  6. Been on Apollo Ultra for years, favorite app! Thanks for developing this gem ♡

  7. Hey Joe! Love the new album. How do you balance music/acting/your personal life? I feel like I’d be so overwhelmed in your position with all that you do. Also, where does you musical inspiration come from? I hear lots of Tame in your discography but would love to hear it from the man himself.

  8. Solo traveller selling my spare Golden Pit ticket. Hoping to meet some great people over there too!

  9. Good tip. But even better to replace want with get.

  10. Downvote me for this but, here goes….. instead of joining into the hive mind and saying “nfts are bad” just do some research. There is nothing bad about them. What’s dumb is spending thousands of dollars on a jpeg. That’s absolutely insane. But besides that there’s nothing bad about them. “They we’re GIVING me one!? How dare they! Nfts are a scam!” Yeah they are if you are stupid enough to spend 10k on one. Then you absolutely got scammed. But there’s so many uses for nfts that are incoming and just saying they’re all bad no matter what is really insane. Just shows you don’t understand the technology and what is possible yet.

  11. This right here 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

  12. What is it with the fear of new technologies here? Sure, some people got dumb rich off of stupid monkey avatars and pixel art, this is no reason to hate on NFTs as a whole. This is an incredible technology that revolutionizes digital ownership with immense potential in the future.

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