1. With all the talk of the US and Europe sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine. It almost sounds as if South Africa sending 100 cheetahs to India is a shipment of tanks.

  2. You need to get Donkey Kong Country 3 someday! Arguably the best game in the series!!

  3. So, I have more nostalgia for dkc2. Weirdly. Because I got it a year earlier as a kid (I got 2 probably in 1998 and 3 in 1999).

  4. The Whisperer arc in seasons 9 and 10 is amazing, and one of my favorite parts of the show.

  5. I agree. Seasons 7 and 8 are the weakest seasons in the series. S7E6 (Swear) has got to be the worst episode in TWD history. Damn that one was really painful.

  6. I was born in north west west east west west north west west east west west north.

  7. I disagree. Only the first 5 seasons are worth your time (or first 6 at most).

  8. To each his own but imo after season 5 the show just got progressively worse (with the exception of 9B and 10, which aren't terrible but not that good either)

  9. I’m not actually gonna fully disagree with your opinion here.

  10. Recently as in the last 20 years?. Significantly better. As for the last 5. The pandemic has slowed some things down and caused some business to close. Seems to be lot of companies moving in though despite the stalling progress. Even Apple supposedly opening a tech training center here??? Rumors really though. Haven’t looked into that.

  11. Glad to see the city has finally reached its low point and is rebuilding.

  12. Parts of Detroit are booming now. Even though the city is still losing population, there are big, new residential and commercial projects underway. The city is undergoing a lot of positive changes now.

  13. If the Arch stops working for any reason, real quick, just turn it off and turn it back on again. Might just need a quick restart.

  14. Imagine if there was a Talking Dead interview with the horse.

  15. It’s possible Harrisburg will start to expand more. My job often has me going there somewhat often and I have seen a clear expansion over the past few years.

  16. Yeah I live in Harrisburg. I’ve lived in PA my whole life. Lived here in Harrisburg since 2016. It has definitely grown, but the problem is that the East Shore / West Shore divide is quite real (meaning there is a mentality in Cumberland County that they don’t want to be a part of the Harrisburg area). There is also the fact that Hershey is the big tourism draw to the area, even though Harrisburg is the main business hub. The area surrounding Harrisburg is still very suburban / rural. And Harrisburg city is very depressed / postindustrial (but the city seems to be finding a bottom - the new Federal Courthouse and also the new State Archives Bldg, some new residential apartment complexes are being built, a lot of blighted buildings have been torn down, seems like things are improving slowly).

  17. I honestly think Hershey could bump out for 12th for the main reason is it being the hometown of the company with a 25% US market share which gives them quite the importance honestly. They have as GDP per capita of 46K a year which isn’t bad at all. It’s connected by decent rail. Also they have the 8th largest hospital in PA in beds and has the only level 1 trauma center in PA for both kids and adults. (Level 1 is able to do just about everything within reason) And has its own helicopters that seem to constantly be coming in and out with the injured so that’s really important in my opinion.

  18. I was lumping Hershey with Harrisburg metro in the rankings (my ranking above is metros). Hershey and Harrisburg are both in Dauphin County.

  19. Always thought this was a cool video

  20. I would not want to interact or cross paths with these small town Georgia cops, whatsoever. Talk about an unnecessary power trip.

  21. She is the main character of our universe though. We must all bow to her will and desire.

  22. That man’s bones are Nokia phones.

  23. Colombia with Bogotá is very close to reaching 10 million. Probably has about 9 million or more.

  24. Only Bogotá has about 7-8 but it seems like they take into consideration Metropolitan areas and if so Bogotá has more than 10 million

  25. I think they are factoring in metro area. If so Colombia should probably be green. Idk for sure though.

  26. The military might of Venezuela cannot be stopped

  27. The military might rampant hyperinflation of Venezuela cannot be stopped

  28. Honestly makes me wanna cry in a good way because it is so adorable and wholesome. You are a very talented and creative artist!

  29. Green one is the Malcolm in the middle (:

  30. Since the Venezuelan currency is worthless, do most people barter or use other currencies instead?

  31. Fair enough, although I wouldn’t say the Simon killing scavengers scene was anywhere near as violent as those other episodes.

  32. Sorry but I have to strongly disagree with you on that. It was a genocide and is one of the most violent scenes in the entireshow. It also leads me to conclude that Simon is actually the most evil character in the show (well, the second most evil only behind the Governor who also genocides his own soldiers)

  33. It certainly is genocide and may be disturbing but not a lot of it is shown but I really hated the scavengers so maybe I was just affected less. That meat grinder scene really was gory. I’d also add 3x4 because of

  34. We the audience are never given any reasons to sympathize with the Scavengers. In fact, they are more of a Neutral Evil group. So we are not sad when their genocide happens. But rather shocked.

  35. I wish I could watch it all again for the first time.

  36. Hey don’t worry you can vote for the other seasons I put a link to it in the comments I can totally agree tho a lot of people hate season 2 but I thought it was ok

  37. Season 2 is my favorite season of the entire show. Season 8 was my least favorite.

  38. Well you should consider Dollar Cost Averaging (buying a small set amount every week) to ease yourself into the market. You could buy some blue chip stocks to earn maybe 2-3% in dividend yields. Companies like Verizon, Pepsi, Colgate, Campbell’s, the railroads, Kraft Heinz, etc.

  39. That looks drab. Probably looks better in the summer when everything is plush and green. I love summer.

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