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  1. NTA- that child will have the best Christmas thanks to you making her wishes come true and then some, if your sister can’t understand that’s why you did it then best not to argue with a brick wall.

  2. Thank you mom!! That looks absolutely delicious. I hope you’re feeling better you’re amazing ♥️

  3. Maybe i'm to old but who finds this shit funny anymore?

  4. why is everyone posting 2015 memes in every anime sub

  5. I didn’t realize memes had an expiration date

  6. A good ole fuck it usually does the trick

  7. Pugs are so ugly and owning one is very cruel. Their whole existence is cruel. They’re so ugly too. There’s nothing good about them existing.

  8. I mean ugly is a self interpreted assumption. They do live a hard life tho and have so many medical issues

  9. If this ever happens to your animal or child please wash it off as fast as possible, drying concrete will cause chemical burns

  10. I WISH someone would do this when I’m on REG.

  11. Happy cake day! And yes I hate it when someone does that or just blurts out their order when I’m trying to say hello

  12. Sbux wants us to continue to cater to these people too... ridiculous

  13. The fact we have to deal with abuse from people just so Howard Shultz can get an extra few bucks is insane.

  14. I just tell them a cap with no foam is a latte so that’s what I’ll put in.

  15. Honestly that might be what breaks the curse

  16. NTA. You’re feeling lonely during this time of year and that is normal. It’s hard and I’m really sorry. You are NOT wrong. You did NOT make a mistake. You survived and got through that abuse. Do not allow them back into your life unless you know you will be safe.

  17. Thank you so much, that lifted my spirits a lot

  18. Very thankful you're out of there! NTA, of course, OP! Be safe and happy!

  19. Idk but I’d be on it ready to collect my check from the city

  20. Lol just sit on it until it blows, if you survive you get paid!

  21. War of the worlds. A tripod is about to emerge. Was there some ultra low frequency bass as well?

  22. That movie terrified me as a kid lol

  23. Why does it say in the filings something about juvenile court?

  24. It may have to do with Reagan or a CPS case with the kids

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