1. I’ve been taking 200 mg twice a day for 10 years and have not experienced any side effects. I get labs done at least twice a year and vision checked annually.

  2. Same here also have been on 200mg since 2015 and no side effects that I can notice and also no damage to the eyes either

  3. Many lupus patients have photosensitivity. Caladryl or benedryl lotion or prescription steroid cream if it's really bad. Always wear sunscreen and perhaps get uv protective clothing. Didn't your rheumatologist talk to you about rashes? If it's bad you can see a dermatologist and if necessary, he/she can do a skin biopsy.

  4. No, I’m well aware of the dangers of the sun, it’s just that I was literally outside a max 6 minutes and it got pretty bad, I’ve been outside longer with no rash so it’s weird for me to have gotten it so easily.. maybe since I started taking cellsept?

  5. I feel the same. I wouldn't describe it as dream-like either, but rather an absence of impact and realness.

  6. I’m really sorry that your going through this but I know how you feel when I was diagnosed with lupus I had to take 60 mg of prednisone every day and it made me gain 60 pounds I was 120 but with the prednisone it shot me up to 180 and it took me a year to go on a lower dose and I had to legit cut back on everything and go to the gym 5 days a week to get back to my original weight but I was close to it not far I did have the moon face which I hated

  7. Absolutely hate the moon face it makes me feel so swollen and gross

  8. Message me. I can talk with you about this and weed experiences similar. I have bpd and health anxiety really bad and I think I can help you better understand what happened

  9. Can you please message me and explain to me as well? I had a similar experience and am feeling the same way

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  11. If you are a new buyer I would recommend kickwho mangomeee or coco

  12. Monicasneaker is also really reliable and quick I order from her all the time thru whatsapp

  13. Boogie been outdated since the season started. Jerami Grant just feels like a no brainer

  14. She is probably talking to dozens of other guys trying to decide which one has the most money and status.

  15. Yeah man it’s pretty common at least for me, anxiety makes my chest get real tight and makes it hard to breathe at times, gets even worse when I think I’m having a heart attack because of it

  16. Personally, it's balanced for me by the nausea the hcq gives me. I also don't take Prednisone daily, just as needed for flares

  17. I was taking before as needed for flares but as of recently my lupus got really active so they have me on it until further notice

  18. I was on prednisone for 16 months for PMR , I was in so much pain when I tried to taper down, so for me the not having severe pain outweighed any care of my weight gain. I was able to lose it afterwards. Feel better ❤️‍🩹

  19. Looking to see if they post full panel labs for potency and other contaminates is the first step in deciding if a vendor is good or not. Do they?

  20. I’m relatively new to CBD products since I’ve wanted to give it a try for my lupus, I used to strictly smoke THC but gave it up due to bad anxiety and panic attacks. So when it comes to CBD products I’m completely in unknown waters.

  21. Oh so having 2 turtles together is just completely impossible and immoral? Oh ok didn’t know that..

  22. Legit what is happening to me right now, I’m unable to sleep because everytime I close my eyes I have these uncomfortable hyper realistic images in my head when I’m trying to sleep.. they make me uneasy and I’m just up trembling hoping to just fall asleep but it keeps waking me up

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