1. Head's problems in Asia came from abandoning his aggressive style and trying to bat defensively.

  2. But he’s been coming in at 5 with runs on the board all summer and little pressure. What about when we are 4 fa shit and getting out holing out is inexcusable (prompting him to play defensively) … I worry

  3. OK, so you ignored Head's 2 incredible match winning knocks in 2022, both coming in after a collapse on a greentop?

  4. Hey I’m a huge bin lid fan don’t get me wrong. Good point and yes he has, but imo he’s won games based on his strike rate, not his ability to see out tough periods. I look forward to it, but I do worry about day 1 collapse on a Bunsen and how he’d play. Would love to see him take it on and do well

  5. My favourite is Stage. The first half is all from the Berlin albums, which is my favourite period of his. the second half is Ziggy and Station to Station, but done in a more Berlin fashion, which is really fun to listen to.

  6. i hated reading this book right up to the end. then once finished i realised i loved it.

  7. Is it? Or was it meant to be part of the meal? Anytime I’ve ever brought something with me for dinner I’ve taken what was left with me. Then again I’m not rich and snobby like the Ross’s, so idk.

  8. It was ripe, round and thoroughly seductive. I said Australian Shiraz.

  9. Anyway I loathe that Russian lit. Always full of women staring out of windows, whining about ducks going to Moscow

  10. Not sure if they make the western style steel tip as pictured here but RM Williams from Australia make high quality leather belts that have larger bulky-er style buckles and they’re made to last; you’ll only ever need to buy one in your lifetime.

  11. You can try to line up for standing tickets, but you have to be early and wait a long time, and it could be already sold out

  12. Thanks yes I have heard of this. Have you ever done this? I’m not sure I have standing in line that long in me

  13. Solaris Wings of Desire Les quatre cent coups Portrait of a Lady on Fire Trois Couleurs: Bleu

  14. I bought two Burzum albums last year, I didn't realise that's financially supporting a fucking Nazi haha.

  15. 0.5 for Before Sunrise. Utterly painful and intolerable film. Not a single piece of dialog that isn’t cringe worthy. I still get flashbacks sometimes to some of Hawke’s lines, and I havnt seen it for years

  16. Wait, they said they send it from Aus to the UK and back? I was under the impression that it just goes to Sydney.

  17. Update - got the 'processed visa application was received at the UK Visa Centre - documents can be collected during the designated passport collection times' text this afternoon. Will go to the centre in the morning, assuming this means it's ready to be picked up (pretty vague but). Promising though. Will update tomorrow too.

  18. How long was it between the decision being made (or you finding out it was) and when you got that text?

  19. Received the text overnight (round midnight) and got the text that next day in the arvo around 3:30pm

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