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  1. I suspect they will require people to walk a Gardevoir to obtain Gardevoir energy and Gallade for Gallade energy.

  2. I could see Ralts and Kirlia generating Gardevoir candy. Gardevoir is the default and Gallade is more of an alternate.

  3. But you use Gardevoir candy to evolve Gallade ? So it's still confusing

  4. No, you use Ralts candy to evolve into a Gardevoir or Gallade. That’s similar, but not exactly the same.

  5. Yeah, the only thing the last two years has made clear to me is that the system is broken, and things need to change.

  6. In what way? All the last two years taught us was that a one person margarin in the Senate might as well be a split Congress. I don’t get why that would mean that we should get rid of the established Congresspeople that we like.

  7. Since the US "center" is situated pretty deep on the right side of the political spectrum, no, they do not.

  8. That’s not really true. If you compare the US to the furthest left countries you’d be correct. But if you compare it to all countries in the world, the US is more left than average.

  9. How would a bot get an image like this and come up with the wrong year in the title?

  10. I’m confused about what’s happened here. He sent you an example of the item listed for $850 as a way to negotiate the price down from $650?

  11. Kinda makes sense. An item you’re buying from a stranger on Facebook with no guarantee of it working should generally go for significantly cheaper than a new item that will be under warranty.

  12. Right? This sub is so stupid. Tom Brady is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. No one outside of hardcore football fans know who tf Olsen is

  13. Being a bigger celebrity than Olsen doesn’t mean that he’s going to be a better commentator. Brady isn’t particularly likable, but he does have a good head for football so we’ll see what he can do.

  14. This is a ridiculous conspiracy theory. The cost of operating prisons in the US outweighs revenue from prison labor by something like 30 to 1.

  15. Why would they keep following him??? Why is there no action between “murder him” and “follow him” that you can think of? This is the problem with this country.

  16. So you want them to just fist fight him and hope they don’t get stabbed? Doesn’t seem like a good solution.

  17. Imagine being less resourceful than a caveman. You can just throw a rock at him.

  18. Where would they find a rock and how would that stop him?

  19. The correct answer is " I don't know which is which. Because I read"

  20. If someone I had just met gave your answer, I would hate them so much more than anyone who wanted to talk about the Kardashians. Let people like what they like. You’re not better than other people just because you like reading.

  21. It’s not just about what’s being taught, but also how.

  22. I don’t really see how most of that stuff negatively affects the average student. School shootings are terrible things, but not common enough to affect 99% of students. I’m not sure what you mean by teachers being accused of being groomers, but that also doesn’t seem like it would have a huge impact on education levels.

  23. I hate cards like this.... There is virtually no way for me as a player to quickly look at it, and figure out what card it is, or what it does. There isn't even a name I can refer to without learning a fictional language.

  24. Not any different than any foreign language card. Just look up the set and collector number in the bottom left corner to read what this card does.

  25. You want to trade for my FNM Noose Constrictor, Clash of Wills, Flaying Tendrils, Frost Walker, Fanatic of Xenagos, Call of the Conclave, and Sin Collector?

  26. This was true only for a certain time frame. I still remember when they put Path to Exile and a few other good ones as FNM promos (off the top of my head Fatal Push, the Kaladesh energy land, Serum Visions) and it actually drove more people to play that month lol.

  27. They did Path and Serum Visions in back to back months for the release of Modern Masters 2015. Everything else for over a decade was almost completely standard bulk which is now worth under $1.

  28. A card like Duress or Grief would be great for dealing with your opponent’s interaction. Takenuma also seems like a perfect choice here.

  29. I would much rather restaurants just raise prices 15% and put a big label on their site/menu that says we pay our workers well, tipping is actually optional

  30. Tipped staff would rather take the tips. Waiters at generic chain restaurants bring in $25-30 an hour. They don’t want to make the same amount of money as the people in the kitchen.

  31. It does make sense that most of the characters associated with the military are men, like Captain America and Bucky. Could also make sense that criminals and those with criminal pasts like the Guardians of the Galaxy skew male. Other characters like Shang-Chi are martial arts masters, which is also going to skew male.

  32. The Pro Tour will take place on February 17–19 in Philadelphia, and you can watch live via the Magic Twitch channel:

  33. When the event was announced I thought it would be fun to go to this event because I live about 30 minutes away from the venue. The Secret Lair event with exclusive SL cards as prizes seems like it would be really fun.

  34. I do hear what you’re saying, but they seemed to make it work before the pandemic without charging nearly this much. SCG has been hosting events for the past year or so without charging anyone to get in the door and with events with large cash prizes for much more reasonable prices.

  35. I’m not arguing against people being punished (financially or physically (?)) I’m arguing against pigs being camouflaged. In the initial context of this post. Also, I am free to “fight against something” and not be obligated to pose resolutions to said problem.

  36. You’re free to do whatever you want, it just doesn’t make a ton of sense to fight against something that you don’t think can be improved.

  37. So you think that creating a constant state of paranoia amongst people in several ton machines traveling at high speeds will make the roads safer?

  38. I don’t think anyone should be paranoid, but yeah it’s absolutely better to have everyone be paranoid about driving safely than to have drivers not obey the rules of the road.

  39. The scene was set up with Harley wanting to be the star and Tina being really worried about Louise, so when we see that the star costume has a hood I thought it was a little bit apparent what was going to happen.

  40. JRPG fans when I tell them I don’t have time to sit through 200 hours of side quests and dialogue:

  41. I don’t mind a long story or lots of side content, I just hate how repetitive JRPGs can be. Like you run into an enemy that you’ve fought 15 times already, and even though you know they won’t be able to hurt you you still have to spend 60 seconds worth of battle animations to take it down. Then you’re back to the overworld, you take 10 more steps, and then run into that same enemy again. It’s just so dull in a game that you have to play every day for a month to complete.

  42. Yes that's what happens when your game is dying and you need to pull players together. Who would've saw this coming with the devs refusing to properly balance Kirko, Soj, and Mercy damage boost and not to mention only having one or two truly viable tanks a patch now due to 5v5. All that on top of the painfully dull battlepass. Blizzard really did great this time around.

  43. Monthly users have still been going up.

  44. Let’s talk about how weird it is, that they’re asking for ethnicity/race in applications and paperwork…. Especially in medicine.

  45. It’s mostly just so they can run the numbers later to see if they’re treating different demographics fairly.

  46. 63 hundos for me. None are shiny, legendary, or shadow. I do have two shadow legendaries I could purify to get legendary hundos, but that’s just not worth doing.

  47. Who cares how much effort is put into a post? If it’s a funny meme it’s a funny meme. Upvote the ones you like and downvote the ones you don’t like and as a community we’ll get to see what users like.

  48. Then why am I also attracted to small titties?

  49. There are probably a lot of different reasons for it. Could be genetic diversity in people liking different things, lean and fit body types being better at hunting and surviving, or maybe just some of the girls you first had crushes on had small boobs and that has stayed with you throughout your life.

  50. Wouldn't at some point have oly one single hair? Is the barber going to cut that is half?

  51. Yeah, the paradox can work for distance but doesn't work for removing half of a finite number of things.

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