1. I dont use transtape but i do use KT tape for disability shit so im v familar with removal. If possible try to avoid removing it for at LEAST 24 hrs, but 48-72 is better, depending on brand and how well it sticks to u. When you do remove it, remove with baby oil and running water (usually in the shower works best- conditioner can be subbed for baby oil as well in my experience) and try to pull the tape like ur stretching it longer parallel to ur body, instead of ripping it away from the direcfion u placed it.

  2. Thank you so much! Do you mind if I screenshot this so I can save it!

  3. So glad u got treated! Really hope that first doc loses their license too

  4. You should try edibles that are 1:1 THC: CBD!

  5. Seconding this! Try different ratios til u find a dosage that works for u too if even 1:1 feels too intense

  6. If that isn't FECO i wouldn't even smoke it, wtf. No reason except for feco for it to look like that and be worth using

  7. Don’t be a dick is my 1 and only rule.

  8. So far the electric massage guns/tools i habe tried have been too rough on me, im actually planning on buying a hitachi magic wand for its original intended purpose bc its much less painful relief for my muscles!

  9. Yep absolutely, especially bc im also on T, but even them the sweats are worse when im doing badly

  10. Those who think that they would "never fall for a cult" are much more vulnerable to cults than they think. Don't go, if just to keep them from continuing to get you to join.

  11. Best way is to find a shrine list (i like polygons shrine guide) and go section by section to find ur missing shrines

  12. Oh man good luck. Im literally putting off trying to go off cymbalta bc i know withdrawl will require me to take some time off work

  13. I have been smoking for 8 years. For periods of that time in extreme excess. I have never had any issues with my lungs. I am not a cougher at all. Rewind back to the summer of 2021, I was smoking less and all of sudden when I would smoke my throat would feel like it closed and that there was gunk and phlem in there. When I would go to clear it I would go into a coughing fit. I tried to fight though it for a while but I stopped once I realized I was wasting weed because the smoke couldn't get past my throat. I took a month TBreak and tried again with the same bad results. I took a dab from a friend, got zooted, and noticed it had no affect on my throat. I then bought a nectar collector and made the full switch to wax. It's been like 6 months of only wax and my tolerance is fucked. I cough up these gunk balls(the pictures) every few weeks. I started vaping a couple years before this happened. I also got covid but could still smoke just fine during and for a period of time after. I am at a loss and I don't really have to option of asking a doctor. I miss blunts

  14. I would try to get tested for an allergy (weed is related to ragweed so theyre unfortunately kinda common) especially for the symptoms u described while smoking flower, which also could be why wax isnt giving you the same issues.

  15. If I were allergic to weed wouldn't I have had issues before now? Can I develop an allergy after years of use?

  16. Not necessarily, you can develop and allergy to something at any time, and a lot of times as you age ur allegies/lack therof changes. Like i used to have zero seasonal allergy issues til like 5 years ago, now i get them every year if not every change of seasons

  17. Is the physical act of inhaling smoke daily bad for ur lungs? Yes. Is it "bad" in the moral sense? Nah and fuck anyone who says it is.

  18. This is why ive switched to mainly a walker/ forearm crutches and just using a cane indoors/short distances, the bilateral support makes all the difference

  19. Don't bother with the fmj. If you drop that during a flair up something will burn.

  20. I def think im gonna invest in the wand bc i like the simplicity of the vong, especially compared to my old PAX 3 (it always died at the worst times lol)

  21. I have foot spasms a lot, especially if i try to stretch it too hard, that tends to set them off thr most. Compression socks help some for me.

  22. As someone who knows OP and knows who they are talking abt, no he did not. He juat said he doesn't half to talk abt EDS on HIS OWN BLOG. jesus fucking christ let the man be, he has a severe spinal injury and extreme chronic pain.

  23. There is a MASSIVE amount of context and a months long harassment campaign y'all are not seeing when u see this post. Just keep that in mind, all i ask.

  24. Hey fam, if you are from Ohio never buy that brand again their facility is disgusting

  25. Well fuck thanks for the heads up!! Thank god they aren't the cheaper option at my dispo anymore

  26. I do agree full abortion bans are a terrible idea, there should always be exceptions, rape, incest, malformed baby, stuff that would risk the mothers life during birth etc. However I also believe that allowing abortion for any reason is also a bad idea, we really need a compromise, but that's not something our politicians are good at unfortunately.

  27. Care to explain why? (Why a partial ban instead of no ban to be clear)

  28. Because there needs to be a reasonable rules set in place, obviously I dont think alot of people would agree with third trimester abortions, and at the same time many would think that 6-8 weeks is too short of a window to realise you are pregnant and schedule and have an abortion. Just like any medical practice, it cant be unregulated.

  29. Almost no one gets a 3rd trimester abortion bc they don't want a baby, those are done on pregnancies that are either killing the mom or incompatible with life. And yes, most ppl do not even know they're pregnant at 6 weeks. So again, why limit it at all, why not trust that ppl know what they need and ppl have bodily autonomy rights that include not being a forced incubator for nine months.

  30. I ue plantar fasciitis socks and freezable/heatable socks (socks with foot shaped gel inserts). Might also be worth getting checked for collapsed/falling arches, i have orthotics that help pain from that a lot as well

  31. Both have important medicinal uses for me. Love getting high but i would be in a lot more pain without CBD

  32. I’m incredibly stiff and locked up 😭

  33. This is one of those cases where even if his intent was totally valid he should still be fired and barred from ever bwing a cop, and that's the absolute bare minimum imo.

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