1. He’s first round talent, just not for us

  2. Are we gonna act like Asian women ( not all .. of course) aren’t thirsty for white men?

  3. He’s not just a walking bucket .. he actually likes playing defense.

  4. Why not? They already have the talent to compete .. add a vet like Dame and they’re a problem.

  5. Trace Jackson Davis is a sleeper. I think he’s Bam 2.0

  6. I don’t know how to feel about this 😂😂😂

  7. Jalen Carter will be there.. maybe Will Anderson

  8. I actually read about this recently. It dates back to slave times, where some plantations did not allow blacks to laugh, so slaves had a barrel they could laugh into to smother the laughs. And if they started cracking up they would run away to the barrel.

  9. Huh.. Then how come Africans laugh the same way?

  10. The diversity.. well, maybe not much of a secret 😄

  11. His contract isn’t exactly friendly to other teams. We’re stuck with him

  12. I live here only because it was a good spot to buy a house. So far I’ve been right

  13. He needs more than we got .. that’s for sure

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