1. I’d rather not complain. Cause that’s what it’ll turn into.

  2. So you'd rather be a skinny for your lazy husband than complain? Wow

  3. So you play with replica guns, and are surprised when people question your behaviour???

  4. They're awesome, can play around with and even go out with friends playing matches, no one questioned my behaviour so far so 🤷‍♂️

  5. Why the fuck would you gi around with pretend guns? That's sick

  6. Being proud of your heritage and identifying as Irish are different things though. Her parents are Irish.

  7. And she's legally Irish, as a child of Irish citizens. And if she identifies as Irish, then she's Irish. It's not the same as some Yank whose granny's cat once ate some corned beef claiming to be Irish

  8. Being eligible for a passport and having one are different things. She doesn't say she identifies as Irish, just she is proud.

  9. I agree they are different, but she has very close and definite connections..IF she considers herself Irish, fair enough

  10. I think you mean lecturers, there aren't that many professors...

  11. Enlighten me...what is a "backroom"?

  12. Still in the Commonwealth, though, where the royals are still deferred to. Shame

  13. In fairness, though, the US is a big place.

  14. Are you maybe looking fie the word “ordained”, which is not the name of the officiant but an adjective that describes their official capacity to marry people?

  15. My god thar guy looks bad ass, and after reading even a small part of his story i was right.

  16. He taught himself to read by picking up scraps of paper from the docks where he worked as a young slave, and then went on to write his wonderful book. Well worth a read.

  17. I’ve seen this guys YouTube channel, he’s a Scottish man born in Scotland, living in Scotland with a Scottish accent, but he’s mixed race, so according to some Americans here he’s African and not Scottish. By that logic they wouldn’t be American if they are white or black or anything other than Native American.

  18. Pulling the wool over the eyes of millions is some achievement, when you think about it

  19. I want to say something here - I don't want to know your reasons for leaving, obviously, but I'd think long and hard about it.

  20. I'm curious myself about the transfer. I have friends and colleagues who would love to be redeployed/transferred out but I thought its only possible if redeployment officially comes to your school.

  21. I think redeployment only applies if the school loses numbers and teachers have to be moved elsewhere, or, the case of secondary school, maybe if a subject is no longer taught in the school. But I could be wrong.

  22. I wonder does he know he's the father?

  23. Yeah, the idea of complaining about the space of time between the wedding is stupid. But I think they just believed she wasn't mature enough to be marrying, and I can't blame them. BOTH girls were too young - still in college, still teenagers, if I remember. But of course Caleb was the golden boy, Kody has this man crush on him, so no questions were asked. While Tony...well, Tony was Tony.

  24. Between Foxy Joe's garage, and the house was the entrance to Douglas Tennis Club, where I spent my teenage years (occasionally playing tennis). I think it was still there in this photo.

  25. I think because his relationship with Janelle was about his friendship with her, he’s all but said that he wasn’t really attracted to Janelle as well—albeit in different ways. She’s his “intellectual” wife that he can have conversations with and that is pragmatic and he basically called them buddies in one episode so maybe that’s why he never commented on her looks either way. I’d guess the biggest reason, though, is that Kody is a piece of crap!

  26. Intellectual is a bit of a stretch for Janelle....

  27. Kilbarry nature park. The last time I was there I was very disappointed with the lack of maintenance

  28. Dog shot everywhere, despite the bags provided

  29. I seem to have been mildly downvoted for my initial comment but you're absolutely right chap.

  30. I'm a gal, but yep, I agree with you

  31. I'd say that photo was taken a good few years ago...

  32. I'd go for a pint with John Creedon, the rest can look in through the window.

  33. I'll second that. Can't think of anyone else I'd like to hang out with of the lot of them

  34. If his dad fought in ww2 and he had an 8 year old I'm guessing this story was meant to take place 35 years before he posted it.

  35. She's telling the story now, about what supposedly happened in the laundrette 35 years ago, so presumably in 1988 or thereabouts.

  36. It should be illegal for someone who doesn’t have a degree in teaching and who isn’t a member of the teaching council of Ireland to be in charge of a child’s education.

  37. True. But that wouldn't have ruled out Mammy Burke, unfortunately

  38. As someone else who was home-educated, I completely disagree. I can't deny you get less socialisation than in school, but something you've got to realise is that everybody feels lonely and bit messed up as a teenager.

  39. Your LC results may have been been better but you missed out on so much. Yes, being a teenage can be lonely and messed up but it's also a time of sharing with friends. Having the craic at lunchtimes, getting involved in school events, and, in class, doing projects and group work, having people to compete and challenge yourself against, and adults other than your parents to give you different perspectives on the world. Being part of a community, with it's pros and cons. You don't realise what you missed, but you did miss it...sad.

  40. And wasn't Blair knighted or something the other day?? No shame, the Brits.

  41. They're a high achieving military family, don't you know? All of 'em colonels, major generals and whatnot. Amazing

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