1. And even after be6 we have captures captures and this is not looking so good for white

  2. There’s really nothing you can do about it. Some atoms just can’t accept the fact that being gay isn’t a choice.

  3. An anecdote: I once woke up with extreme neck pain. Couldnt move it, and it was pretty much stuck in a position of my head being slightly tilted downward. At the back of my neck it was very warm to the touch which tells me inflammation had set in, and it was indeed red in that area.

  4. That went great! Ok this time I'll be you and you can be your boss!

  5. That was what I ended up playing! Nice idea, although I hate trapping my light square bishop because of the pawn chain

  6. Generally, you can disregard his aggression as long as pieces are defended. If you can see the tactics, you can trap his queen sometimes too because of how aggressive he is, but don’t try it in a real game because nelson will intentionally hang his queen when it wouldn’t normally happen

  7. Thanks. Yea I noticed Nelson typically plays pretty strong in the beginning but its as if he gets bored of me taking my time and starts to hang random pieces 😂

  8. CHEM 341 is offered every fall. You take 341 in the fall, then 342 lab in the spring. 315 is an entirely different course.

  9. I’ve been playing poker since 2006 and it has always amazed me that people will play a game for money that they don’t know how to play and then never try to get any better at.

  10. There's a massive difference between misgendering someone and discrimination. The law says you can't actively discriminate, such as refusing to hire a trans person. We don't want the law to force people to respect us, that's stupid.

  11. Yes but misgendering someone, in canadian law, can be included as discrimination/hate speech. The reason its so controversial is because of the huge gray area that it creates regarding someone who misgendered another person. Was it an accident, or were they trying to incite violence and disciminate? How do you even try someone for something like this? idk. Not to mention the obvious effort to compel certain speech over others, no shit it caused an uproar

  12. Hive mind decided that jordan peterson bad so jordan peterson bad rn.

  13. Oh nothing, just getting groomed by mods among other things

  14. Gta online redditors when they die from a gun in an open world game about killing people with guns: 😨

  15. i'll probably get downvoted for this but Lesion is a very very powerful solo queue operator. firstly, you can use ur GU mines to cover angles or corners that your teammates usually wouldn't. his smg is also adequate, he also get impacts so, you can rotate out of bad situations easily

  16. Help out with the wall, either by using the impact EMP or by helping with entry using his stun grenades. It's best that you don't be the one to plant, just back up the defuser by using your gadget at the time the defuser enters and plants, that way it gives you enough time to immobilize defenders or eliminate them if they dare go after the defuser. Afterwards it's just using the gadget again at critical moments to ensure the defenders wouldn't be able to push and take control of the planted defuser.

  17. Once that wall gets open can I just dip and go roam hunt? I feel I wont be very useful directly at site since my gadget is universal and all I need is a good comm to tell me “hey I’m planting use it”

  18. Hopefully your prof has provided resources for you to refresh your memory on orgo 1 before diving into orgo 2. If not, I would still recommend asking them where to look for sources, or utilize their office hours and go over the topics briefly. Many students wont show up for office hours during the first few weeks so you have plenty of time

  19. I noticed this about a year ago when I moved to a different city. The first 50-100 profiles were unattractive. I literally X’ed all of them. But then they gradually started getting more attractive. By the time I got to the end of the stack they were all stunning women. Like the last 10 profiles were near perfect looking.

  20. Why are ppl saying its waving am I tripping balls?

  21. Is this the war museum in Vienna? I was also there its spectacular

  22. I always hated the poor Niles episodes. He could have easily stayed in a nice hotel for a month or few months, especially if Frasier could have supported a little. Same with the car, could have easily found a better car.

  23. Maybe it was a but unrealistic but it made for a very funny episode

  24. Assets were frozen during the divorce battle and much of his income went to his lawyers.

  25. Thats fair I forgot their accounts would have been merged

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