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  1. Kind of cool other than the giant french fry's laying on the hood.

  2. Well, if you didn't have 2 world wars to pay for you could have afforded bigger cars.

  3. Scorched Beasts were flying everywhere. You had to sneak most of the time if you didn’t want to get attacked. And your camp was usually toast when you got back.

  4. Interestingly, crime is significantly higher in Red states. Murder rates are 40% higher in states won by Trump.

  5. You take a shit ton of money, and you buy an education. Then you make a little bit of money with the education. Then you go broke paying back the money, THE END!

  6. This is the taxpayer's money. I think he is overstepping his bounds with this.

  7. These are the people who think "Leave it to Beaver" was a documentary.

  8. Well, he was a little hard on the Bev last night.

  9. 41 hours from Everett WA to Big Lake in a 1988 Chevy PU.

  10. Run down on what brand and line of paint if you don't mind.

  11. Maybe you can hire me. I give free lessons every day on I-5.

  12. Looks like possible rain on Wednesday/Thursday. Hopefully that knocks it down.

  13. I walked it. Lots of great cars. The good weather really brought them out.

  14. Looks like some kind of early photo shop hack. The back 2/3rds have been manipulated-added.

  15. You think China will start flinging nukes now? because that’s not supposed to happen until 2077

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