1. its already banned on all government devices here in my state. it's absolutely doable.

  2. They are also looking at ways to ban it on personal devices that are on/in a state agency property.

  3. They turned on the hazards right after so that gave me some relief

  4. They didn’t do anything. That was the car that did that. They do that now when they idiot driving them is involved in a wreck.

  5. They can handle it the same way as no watching porn at work. Sure, they're gonna have a hell of a time blocking it at the cell tower... But if they see it, you're fired. Or, if it's made law - possibly arrested. Just cause they may not be able to fully block up front doesn't mean that this is paper thin unenforcium.

  6. Ok. Now what about agencies with public access? How are they going to prevent that on random people coming in for state services that are on agency property?

  7. Same way they do now? Separate isolated networks for public and secure areas, computers with security software, etc.

  8. There are no public networks at my agency.

  9. Yep. Phones just keep getting worse while prices go up. No more fingerprint scanners, no more SD cards, no more Aux ports, no more removable batteries, no more IR blasters, no more FM radios, and no more indicator LED's, no more sim cards, and no more charger just to name a few of the removed features of phones we use to have.

  10. I am still bitter T9 texting was removed.

  11. Thanks. I wouldn't have thought of Salado looks like any other small town.

  12. I moved to Salado from Austin 2 years ago as I was able to find a 2 bedroom house to rent for far less than apartments in Austin. $1200 a month.

  13. Well, I'm counting Round Rock. It's like another 5 mins to the Domain from there. My son lives right on the round rock side of the domain's about 30 mins to his place from Salado,maybe 40

  14. Good thing you didn't say that on the Austin sub. they would eat you alive for calling round rock Austin. :)

  15. Should preface this by saying I am not one of those goddamn All Lives Matter asshats. But, cops harass and kill us honkies (not to mention non-black minorities) regularly too. Let's remember that they're bigoted against just about everyone who doesn't look exactly like them and who doesn't immediately kowtow to their authoritah.

  16. That is why I went with mostly. There are always exceptions but I have to assume it is mostly minorities this is happening too. I have zero data but I don’t see a lot of news coverage of white folks getting executed by police.

  17. It is helpful, but without knowing why they were killed it doesn’t help me much. We’re all those white folks killed because they were mass shooters or just didn’t comply with the police at a traffic stop?

  18. Doesn't sound nearly as good though. I have 3 OG and 3 minis and the minis are okish. I would call the big ones good.

  19. Probably never unfortunately. At this point it seems like every company has data breaches.

  20. How many companies have them yearly and in some years more than one?

  21. I wish there are an alternative to Apollo but also as good as it.

  22. Due to poor choices by the dev I have switched to ReddPlanet. I have zero complaints with that app.

  23. It isn't my problem the dev made bad pricing choices. And when I disable the auto renew for ultra the app gets filled with notices that features are expiring. Like at 11 months out I get reminded that things like about and tip jar are expiring.

  24. Depending on your home internet speeds, you might be better off just using the VPN for DNS and using your mobile carrier for internet.

  25. Edit the WireGuard VPN and change the allowed IP’s from to whatever your home IP range is.

  26. I'd prefer to cure the disease rather than treat the symptoms, but everyone has their own style...

  27. A good tech knows when to fight that fight and when to just reboot and move on.

  28. I mean ofc it’s gonna drain battery. But the main purpose of a timer, imo is to be able to see the timer ticking down. I don’t mind if it drains battery. If anything, the drainage would be insignificant towards your overall battery life of the phone. That’s just my take atleast lol

  29. No, the main purpose of a timer to know when the time is up.

  30. I used some smart outlets that all my HomePods are connected to and every night about 4am I power off all my HomePods for about 2 minutes and then they power back on. This mostly keeps my Apple TV as the main hub.

  31. Ha. I have been bingeing Seinfeld and watched this episode last night.

  32. So you mean hours and days of interviews to ultimately find nothing?

  33. It would be so cute if it only lasted a few days. Or just one committee. I think the house had 5 separate committees looking into Benghazi

  34. Don't worry that 6 ft wall, with a light wood mesh between us will definitely keep the smoke on that side. Lol. Bickfords.

  35. I think you proved their point. Wasn’t talking about the smoking and no smoking sections, but when the entire place was smoking.

  36. OA was awful. Never watched season 2 as the ending of season one was just awful.

  37. Won’t it depend if they have send as SMS in their message settings?

  38. Either leave it on and let the phone manage it or turn it off and have nothing synced with your phone. No in between on the iPhone.

  39. Technically you can go into the files app and remove download for each file you don’t want to keep. Can either do one at a time or select one at a time and remove downloads for them all.

  40. Find a day off. Cold call various DMVs and see if any are taking walk-in appointments and don't have too long of a line

  41. You can’t call any of the local offices. All their numbers go to the call center in Austin.

  42. Found the Sonos support guy.

  43. Did you just assume my gender? Thats offensive. And no, im not

  44. But it was ok when you did it to the OP?

  45. I’m hoping they fuck around so much with the voting of house speaker that we end up with a democrat in charge.

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