1. I only have one question. Are my Club Z points still good? 😝

  2. I’d also like to know if the lowest price is still the law.

  3. We’ll have to ask the ‘Law of Toyland’ about that.

  4. Go to your local bike shop. They will take care of you.

  5. No, you can’t do it from a web site using a web browser so Family Sharing account management is not the correct solution in your situation. What you should probably be looking into is the ‘Screen Time’ controls that are right on the device.

  6. Smart recovery does run it seems. For about an hour prior to the set time. Should I have a smaller setback? Doesn’t look like aux heat ever has to turn on

  7. If you don’t want Smart Recovery to choose the start time then you can disable it completely and the system will run strictly by what times you set.

  8. I don’t mind it to be honest. I’m just trying to figure out the balance between energy efficiency and comfort. The morning is the toughest because we only want to be warm for like 1hr

  9. The temperatures appear perfectly fine if that is your goal. As long as you’re good with them then that’s what really matters.

  10. So no need to read past the headline of the post. 😆

  11. Have used both eneloops and rechargeable lithium for my Weiser smart lock. Both will work, because operating voltage of NiMH is lower, smart lock thinks they are only 80% when they are freshly charged and last about 8 weeks before the lock app indicates they are low (I question whether they actually are low as lock algorithm is for alkaline).

  12. I’m actually testing with lithium batteries (Energizer Lithium) now. The main reason is I’m tired of leaky alkaline batteries ruining my expensive electronic devices. I’m phasing out the use of alkaline batteries wherever I can and sticking to rechargeable NiMH and lithium where appropriate.

  13. I’m presuming you are using Visual Voicemail. Try the Quick Start method.

  14. I mean my goal was to find if HomeKit accessories can use other HomeKit accessories.

  15. “I mean my goal is to find out if HomeKit accessories can use other HomeKit accessories”

  16. Only to trigger automations. Your thermostat cannot continuously monitor the temperature sensor in another room for example

  17. I specifically didn’t address your main question regarding thermostats because I don’t have first hand experience to draw on. I did want to address your subsequent question, that I put in quotes, because I do have experience with other devices that do interact and it is because HomeKit is designed specifically to facilitate that interaction.

  18. No one can see your location unless you share it with them. Also, by default, location sharing is disabled.

  19. That’s not a crack, it’s a seam from manufacturing and it looks normal. It does not appear like it is coming apart. As for the wobble, if you think it’s excessive have a shop look at it and determine if it needs to be addressed. You don’t necessarily need to replace the rim, it can be straightened.

  20. The icon is for a HomePod. Do live in a multi-unit building/apartment where it is possible that you are seeing a neighbours HomePod?

  21. Did she not sync to iCloud or back it up?

  22. Give them a break guys they were called in at the last minute. The previous band was executed and these guys were the replacement band. They only had a week to rehearse. 😆

  23. I bet George is already on a plane flying back to the UK with the trophy just in case they changed their mind! 😂

  24. Great opportunity to try something better! 🍕

  25. I’d like to see a Russian jet bump in to one of these. They weight 3x as much as an MQ-9.😆

  26. Those timers are never accurate. I would just be patient and just leave alone and let it do its thing.

  27. No one will ever accuse the Russians of thinking through their actions to figure out the potential consequences. 😂

  28. One: Why remove the front brakes. That is where all the stopping power comes from.

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