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  1. qualquer merda que toca no oculos suja, até o cabelo, qualquer fumaça embaça, meu oculos ta todo riscado e meu armario ta cheio de papel pq eu me recuso a usar o maldito paninho, além de que se tiver grau alto, a lente fica de um tamanho que sai pra fora da armação, o pior, é que quando vai limpar, não tem lugar pra segurar e você corre o risco de sujar uma lente enquanto limpa a outra, e quando ta chovendo e vc TEM QUE BOTAR A MÃO EM CIMA DO ÓCULOS, PQ O ÓCULOS É MAIS IMPORTANTE QUE SUA VIDA E VC NÃO PODE DEIXAR SUJAR, enfim, uma cirurgia de miopia ia ser a coisa mais perfeita pra mim :)

  2. yea. it's not very intuitive for beginners. veeery steep learning curve.

  3. yo, your gpu is almost the same as mine, mine is the swft 210, but i'm having some issues with the driver, may you tell me what driver are you using? is it adrenaline, pro, and which version?

  4. i'd say dark souls 2 early game is fun to play, but then the game just starts to suck

  5. everytime i have to go to the depths, the capra isn't the biggest problem for me.... the biggest problem are those basilisks, those fuckers gave me some kind of trauma, and they are in every single dark souls.......

  6. If you get certain bell bearings you can purchase all smithing stones from the twins except for ancient dragon smithing stones. If you want to find the bell bearings I recommend watching YouTube videos!

  7. like, unlimited?? it'd be great, i don't really know who the twins are, i gave a patches's bell (or something like that) to a person at the roundtable hood

  8. just came home from my english course, i stopped playing around 1 week... raging everyday isn't that good

  9. Does it happen when you are IN a discord call with people?

  10. yea, but i already solved the problem, it was a faulty ram stick.... i've got banned from comp because of that, ty for trying to help

  11. Stop using it, let it dry for at least 48h and then see if it improves. If not, you'll need to get it fixed.

  12. nah, you should take off your teeth, brush them, then put them back

  13. why don't you rip off your teeth, put some water inside the hole, then glue it with toothpaste?

  14. Junker queen, i don't like her moveset at all i know she can deal decent damage and heal a lot, but i'd rather play doomfist than her

  15. everytime i've played is because i thought the bug was gone

  16. i tested, it haven't crashed, i didn't went to comp when it crashes... but yeah, you're not wrong.. it was my mistake at the end

  17. Have you tried connecting the SSD to another Sata port? And also reconnecting the power cable to the ssd? Something could be a bit loose.

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