1. ive seen a lot of small brain midsy questions but this one has got to take the cake

  2. Buy good genetics and equipment. Look up pelle polar for wash tech and mr canuks grow on yt for pressin! 🤙

  3. Lafayette Square, go get you some cold cured live rosin from Maryland ✌️

  4. damn i wish i wasnt so late to this i would of snagggggger

  5. need minus xp lamps for my 2 defends pure LMFAO

  6. I have always hated the genre of “shit songs white people fuck to”

  7. I’m a MMJ patient as well. Do yourself a favor, by a nugsmasher mini or the like, press a few 1/8ths to see how you go. Making your own solventless flower rosin at home is so easy even I can do it

  8. ive been debating on pulling the trigger for a nugsmasher for years now, i just dont smoke as much as i used to so it wouldnt be put to use like it should be

  9. Why are you mad? Me posting that information here doesn’t change a thing lmao nor will it. You prob don’t even hit shit lmao.

  10. ima assume 3 months, bc who the rolls a jimmy john sausage pack joint with no filter

  11. He literally sounds like the nerd guy from fan boy and chum chum

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