1. Damn simply replacing she her with they them is difficult for you?

  2. It takes more effort to refuse to use they them pronouns than to just use em im jus sayin. They them franklin is meaningful representation for a lot of individuals, so it just means a lot for people to respect an important characters pronouns.

  3. Dizziness (could be head dizziness like im bouta pass out, vertigo, or the room bouncing or spinning). Hot flashes. Sweating. Palpitations (sometimes making my heart skip every other beat for a few minutes straight). Gassiness?? Feeling like my body is heavy. Breathing never feels enough. Etc.

  4. I dont get brain zaps. But ill get. I guess heart zaps lmao. I deal with heart palpitations all the time but sometimes ill get a skip that feels so intense, it feels like an electric shock

  5. I think just getting out. Being more active and interacting with other people. I get really bad heart palpitations when i talk to people sometimes and when im active. But they get better when i do it more.

  6. Started 25mg of sertraline a week and a half ago and my anxiety is started to go crazy

  7. Some say it gets worse before better? Hoping that’s the case so it improves soon

  8. Took it once. Felt sleepy. Which is fine cuz when i have panic attacks i just wanna go tf to sleep

  9. When i get extremely stressed or exhausted, my heart doesnt race but it skips every other beat and it lasts for a few minutes. Scares the shit out of me. But my dad has the same thing and hes like 45. Hopefully ill at least make it that long LMAO.

  10. If you recently got put on them everything will be worse for 3 to 4weeks.

  11. Just started ssris about a week ago and i feel fine. But i am taking a super low dose

  12. Honestly i hate the idea of weddings. Especially since id be the bride 🤢. My ideal ceremony is just a really small one in the courthouse.

  13. Yeah that kind of stuff comforts me too. Im scared of just suddenly dropping dead. But. I wouldnt have control over that. If something was wrong then it would just happen. I wouldnt know it.

  14. Honestly why didnt she come with any accessories ❗️❗️ 65 bones for petes sake❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  15. If you miss a dose just wait until the next morning. At least for me, after missing three doses I start having brain zaps.

  16. Thats the latest she ships out! My dolls sometimes come a couple months early

  17. Not concerning at all! Im also terrified of exercise. But since youre not used to it, skipped and extra beats are totally normal after a “work out” lmao. And it was just 2! I just wanna say that usually heart palps that alarm docs are ones that occur 10,000 to 20,000 times a day. Or if you get any other symptoms with them like dizziness, shortness of breath, and passing out. (Altho its hard to tell with the dizziness and short breath when you have anxiety lmao)

  18. Mom is in the hospital and I was talking with the doctor when 11 hit, rushed to get a doll after he left at 11:08 CST and gone! I'm so heartbroken, but mom will always be first!

  19. Do we know why that one was up for way longer? I remember being late and panicking but I was still able to buy one

  20. A lot of people were not satisfied With how the franks turned out. Her face mold was super cute tho.

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