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  1. they're still either male or female, phenotype and genotype aren't the same thing.

  2. Are Japanese people actually so diligent to turn this little amount of money over to the police or was this purely a teaching moment? Because I'm honestly surprised the police even took it in the first place, instead of "we're not dealing with such a low amount"

  3. the police just played along to make the child feel like they were doing a good thing.

  4. spared, not saved, as he was considered to be the only man who's righteous by trying to defend his guests.

  5. It's gonna be a huge hit in India. People love big budget blockbusters (except Star Wars) and Avatar 1 was a huge hit here too.

  6. dude i would have to win a very hard fight against my inner devil to not tip them over.

  7. there is a recent trend to try and justify it when a movie flops.

  8. you had people that worked on the movie saying it (like the lead actor), generally the people making the excuse are the creatives (writers, actors, directors extra) to the money man (disney corpo suit).

  9. You may not agree with hbomb politically, but man he can write a good video essay.

  10. Why the fuck would so many people want to end One piece and Hunter x Hunter ?

  11. i'm assuming this is a joke or some kind of marketing ploy considering the dude is married with kids.

  12. i wonder what percentage of journalism school is learning how to write bad puns for your headlines.

  13. sadly amazon will remove light novels/manga from time to time.

  14. I followed masculine theory on Twitter once and they had a Twitter space in for shits and giggles I tuned in, and I shit you not

  15. I think there may be regional differences in how people use Tinder because where I’m from (Finland) it seems like quite frequently, people meet their long term partners there, and it doesn’t seem like it’s just for hookups.

  16. iirc it's an American thing, apparently there tinder is mostly a hookup app.


  18. “Its not smarter than kierkegaard, so its not a masterpiece of a video game”

  19. it's generally not smarter/better then other video games that i would consider masterpieces.

  20. Aight so what are these games and what is their relation to hegel

  21. well fuck if i have to only include games with a direct connection to hegel it has to be neir automata and pokemon.

  22. considering how good it's cinematic run was, it'd be interesting to see what it'll do on streaming.

  23. There are two short (30 seconds) scenes where it's shown that protagonist's son has a boyfriend. They have no relation to the rest of the movie at all, they just ARE there.

  24. it's always done this way, makes it easier to cut the scenes out for international release (china and ME).

  25. Whats the over under that homophobia is to blame? Or will ot be the old standby of poor marketing? Will dark horse old schooler poor release time take the lead?

  26. it'll be blamed on homophobia because that way the people that made the movie will look good.

  27. there is a mod to show you the actual range of your scarecrow.

  28. with a 90M production budget having a start at around 9M for devotion is fucking devestating.

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