1. I think it's the story routes- you can ignore Melina's goal and go with Ranni or wasserface Frenzy lady

  2. CyricZ bro you're such a legend. It amazes me everyday how invested you still are with the Yakuza games. This franchise must have been made for you lol

  3. He looks kinda similar to him even. Wouldn't be surprised if they used his face for future like a dragon titles

  4. I was stupid excited when it got announced, but since the demo I've been a bit more back to earth seeing how much they're streamlining and how they seem to want to make it more Souls friendly. Should still be a solid time and the Lu Bu fight looks amazing. Need to see more.

  5. I agree with you on this.

  6. I'm not too bothered with making it more Soulsy, contrary perhaps to my original comment, it's just the slimming down that takes the appeal out of it a little. Nioh is absolutely stuffed with systems upon systems and part of the fun it's just figuring out what everything does. Eventually you will have to conclude that the game needs to bring these systems closer together, but they may have gone a little too far in that direction for my liking. I was looking forward to a lot of new systems and mechanics, and there is definitely new stuff on offer, but the lack of stances and Ninjutsu seemingly being stripped down it just takes some of the excitement out if it. There's still a lot to see about the game and the DLC usually bring a lot of extra mileage so I'm not too concerned just yet.

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