1. My friend is 6’8” and when we were young he constantly had attention from woman and well everyone. He stood out in a crowd and people used his height as a conversation opener. I would say your height should be an advantage.

  2. I need help with a broken 3ds circle pad. Is their a way to replace a broken circle pad at home.

  3. And training child soldiers to replace him if he dies.

  4. It's more based on small missions of killing enemies so I would get resident evil revelation if you don't have it because it is also on sale.

  5. The 3ds had so much soul. Sure the switch is more powerful but Nintendo doesn't even utilize it's potential, they can do so much with it but the software is just pure bland and soulless. They didn't even bother making music for the mii maker or for the e-shop.

  6. I have a bunch of these with prices missing but I have a full mario, wario and regular toad

  7. Yeah man. I recommend waiting for a sale though you can get like 3 of them for 8 bucks. ( I think it’s been a while) Origins is not included but 8 bucks for the top three… ho ho oooooh yeah.

  8. Usually games install only the first level so that you can start playing. But the rest of the data is downloaded separately. Look at your download tab perhaps.

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