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  1. Wait until Prime Days comes along because then you'll need a better lie.

  2. Nice setup! I am studying Computer Information Systems for my second associate degree.

  3. Rundown of gear in photo for those interested:

  4. Not a med for psychosis but I take 45mg of extended ritalin for adhd. It gives me energy but I'm currently in a bad depressive episode so it's not doing much, but before that I could sit down and do things.

  5. I don't watch TV because of my paranoia with my TV stalking me and watching me. I never watch the news. I just watch movies from time to time. Sometimes, I don't watch movies anymore, either. Its been 6 months since I canceled my Disney+ and Netflix.

  6. I think they might make a PS5 Pro, but I'm unsure, though. I have both as well, and the PS5 is big.

  7. Almost certainly they’ll do a die shrink, I think the supply chain issues pushed back any talk of a pro version for a while. I mean I would love a redesign of the ps5, I hate the horizontal stand, and I feel like with a good die shrink they’ll be able to reduce size and heat.

  8. Maybe. That would be nice. They have covers for it that are pretty that are dyed.

  9. Same. I had a 93.5 and the A cutoff was 94. I asked for a round up and still got an A-.

  10. I have a similar computer. Mine is a CyberPowerPC Ryzen 7 5700G 16GB RTX 2060. I really like your setup.

  11. Appreciate it! Yeah these cyberpower prebuilts are built quite well, and are very good value

  12. I don't think people know when they're delusional, is what my therapist said.

  13. A pic ive made in the day ignore the cablemanagement its fixed now

  14. You could get a 49" ultrawide monitor to take up some room. :) Nice desk.

  15. ill put a prusa xl (3dprinter) on the left side of the desk. It ll take up a lot of space

  16. Happy Birthday! I look young as well. Hope your day goes well.

  17. Nope , only Groupy. Groupy is around 5 Bucks on steam and power toys is free.

  18. Right? How do you like Groupy? That's the game changer for productivity. Check it out on the vid link I posted on this thread for how well they work together

  19. I don't have a job yet. I'm fresh out of college for my associate degree. I need to look for work or I can't pay bills. Meds are good for me. I am not overly sedated anymore.

  20. That's terrible. I've encountered professors before that take out their frustrations on students. all around it's just such a bad feeling. You 100% deserved that A. Hope the rest of your classes end up a lot better and with less mean professors lol.

  21. Thanks! I have two great professors now. The other one, I had her for three other classes and she gave me A's, but just because I couldn't do her speech because it would've been a disaster, I get a B.

  22. That's insanely frustrating that the grade wasn't rounded up when all it took was less than half a percent.

  23. Right? I was frustrated. She did it because I didn't give the last speech. I just did the PowerPoint and turned it in. I was frustrated that she took her anger out on me all because I didn't give my last speech. I wasn't prepared.

  24. I am currently studying computer science

  25. Good for you! I decided to major in art. I did computer information systems for an associate degree, but computers are hard. I don't like math or programming. Congratulations to you, though.

  26. Yeah I felt that computer science isn’t an easy major. College is a lot of trial and error before you figure out what you’re really passionate about. I hope all is going well for you in art! Also congrats on that associate degree!

  27. Thanks! I graduate in May. Math is hard for me, and so is programming.

  28. Do you have a Samsung G9 monitor and a Razer Kiyo webcam like me?

  29. This looks fabulous! That is a big desk for a mouse and keyboard. Either way, this is awesome. Nice job!

  30. Some schools, like mine, send you an email notification of when you turned in something and what you turned in to your school's email as verification you turned it in.

  31. I'm 34 and in an assisted living facility, and I have schizophrenia and ADHD. I go to college and have my own room with a bathroom. It's nice. They cook for me because that was always my biggest worry: what to cook for dinner. I can't remember to take my pills, so they bring them to me. It's not permanent here, but it will do.

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