1. May i ask why? Like a sayed on the other reply the avenue of trees has historic value and it is a joy to walk there. And it most definatly is always there its not like it can move, its basicly art (at least in my opinion, i may be completly wrong).

  2. It doesn't really have any of the acceptance criteria, at all. It's just a street with trees. A Wayspot should be a great place to explore, socialise or excercise. A street is none of these things.

  3. They look like regular mass produced direction signs. If it's a bike trail, it'd need more information like trail name or number in the description. Just this picture I wouldn't accept.

  4. What exactly is iconic about a staircase, lol.. I don't see any unique architecture whatshowever... just.. concrete and a railing.

  5. Now that I would approve, yes. Especially with that link as supporting information. But this one? It's as generic as they come. There's nothing showing that it's out of the ordinary.

  6. This would be in addition to the Mystery Box. Just a fun surprise, since Meltan is better than most of what would spawn at a Golden Lure anyway.

  7. Except it's a disappointing surprise as you already have a very easy way to get Meltan. From a Golden Lure you want Gimmighoul, not Meltan. I'd get mad if I got a stupid Meltan instead.

  8. Why are you asking us? It doesn't matter either way so do whatever you want.

  9. Or those people who think using 3rd party catching devices can get you banned

  10. Or those who call them cheating. Or those who call me wrapping the wrist strap of my Pokeball+ around it to autocatch cheating too.

  11. 5* if we get to pet the llama while exploring that trail!

  12. Wow. Not allowed indeed, terrible title and description, bad photo... so many rejection options.

  13. Meltan Box doesn't get more spanws while walking. I would advise against it, as walking will mean you'll get a lot of random spawns as well, making it harder to tap the Meltan.

  14. Can someone remind me how the mechanics around ditto and shinys works? Can a shiny starly, for example, become a ditto? Would it become a shiny ditto? Is shiny ditto completely distinct from the shininess of the transformed pokemon?

  15. I got a nonshiny random trash which transformed into Shiny Ditto.

  16. Did you have GPS issues when you hatched them? That's usually the case.

  17. 5 star for an apartment slide...are you the same people who rate everything in Yelp 1 or 5 and never in between....haha.

  18. It's a playground. Playgrounds are instant accepts. So I don't see why it shouldn't be 5 stars.

  19. Nothing is instant accept....but even if you believe that what is the point of a five star rating system when you rate everything you think is eligible five and everything you think isn't 1?

  20. Because I don't? Nowhere do I state I rate everything five stars. That's your quick drawn conclusion.

  21. Once you've hatched everything, there's really no need to keep buying them unless there's an event coming up.

  22. Even with the event it's really a waste of coins.. I fell for it a few times, Shiny Noibat being the most recent event where I used incubators. It's just not worth it... you can hatch as many eggs as you can, but there still is so much trash you need to constantly walk the entire day to get the prize.

  23. I dunno, I spent a lot of incubators on that event, didn't even get a shiny Noibat, and I'm fine with it. Before that event, I only had like 200 Noibat candy and that was after using spare rare candies on it. After hatching a bunch of Noibats, I had enough to easily evolve a few on community day, plus some with really good IVs. It made the CD much more relaxed.

  24. I have about 3400 gym coins stacked up.. I did buy that box they accidentally put live yesterday with the bag space and box space increase. But other than that I don't spend many coins. 1 box with green passes for Go tour and that's about it for this year sofar. I'd rather keep them in stock than spend them on incubators now. Saves a lot of disappointment.

  25. Exactly this. They had a month to buy it, with a few hours where it wasn't possible. There's not going to be a make up event, they should've bought it when they had the chance...

  26. Why would you wait until the last day to purchase this? Honestly, Niantic probably won't do anything about it. We've had countless issues with last minute things, timed research resetting, things disappearing early or not working at the last minute. I'm not saying it's acceptable, but it is reality with Niantic. So your friends now learned that lesson so they'll do things sooner next time.

  27. Mirror trade if you have one Zekrom or Reshiram with the new move. They're so good, you can really use those. Togekiss has a community day around the corner so I'd skip that one for now. If you have a Kyogre, Groudon or Rayquaza from Hoenn tour, those are very good options as well.

  28. I got spawns with a timer while I didn't even do a raid..

  29. Same here. I live just outside the range of a gym and I"m pretty sure nobody did a raid there. But we did get random spawns around 7pm or something. I did do the raid afterwards, then we didn't get any spawns, lol.

  30. Adventure sync has been wonky for months. It got fixed randomly for me about 2 weeks ago, but ever since the last update the problem is back. Wifi, bluetooth, has nothing to do with it. I've tried everything, the only thing that seems to work is to completely hard kill the Pogo app, clear cache, then leave it off while you take your walk. :') So you can't walk around to catch POkémon anymore... kinda defeats the purpose of taking my walks. It coincided with the login problems for me, so perhaps it's something with Google authenticator... but I've never seen any proper signs. There never was a problem on my old android 11 though, the one on 13 is the one with issues so it is a recent android thing.

  31. You need something to 'anchor' these locations. So a sign is perfect. If there is no sign, it is hard for the reviewer to determine if it is an actual burial site.. or just a rock. So definitely keep going on the ones with signs. The ones without will be rather hard to go through so I would give up unless I had a link or something explaining the info.

  32. Thank you for good advice, I will focus on those with signs and stop submitting the ones without. A few have the runes marked with red paint, I’ll see if that is enough to pass as it stands out on the photo. It would be fun if they did as they are really cool but all the other have to wait for a sign :)

  33. Is there a local website that covers the ones without signs? That might be enough to sway the reviewers in your favour as well. You could link it in the supporting info.

  34. Did they just assume that bathroom's gender???

  35. Do you have camera permission enabled? AR or AR+ enabled? Does it work when trying to use AR in the catch screen?

  36. Loving the nickname. And honestly I did two Charizards for the mega, but I don't use the Dragon Breathe one ever since I got Mega Latios. So in your case I would swap it out and keep using Mega Chari Y for raids. But yeah I don't PVP so that helps.

  37. I've been hunting that hundo Togepi for years, been really looking forward to this ever since it was leaked..... and I will be on a plane for the entire duration of the event. ;.; FML.

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