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  1. If the league is still pre-draft, you can cancel the contest via the Commissioner tab >> League Settings tab (default) >> Cancel Contest. Once you cancel the contest, you can delete the league via the Commissioner tab >> League Settings tab >> Delete League. If your league's team list has already been finalized, you'll need to unlock that first.

  2. Interested in knowing what you think of the Amarelo, can you post the label info. Thanks.

  3. It takes only a moment to word your legislation to account for dangerous fringe cases like:

  4. How about don't have sex not expecting a baby to pop out, it's the risk and responsibility. What a dumb argument to kill a baby. Evil thoughts to kill an innocent child in the name of choice. Pathetic

  5. You’re just uneducated and when you bring god into things like this, people roll their eyes and see you as an idiot. God can’t save you from randomly being killed. God can’t save you from covid. God can’t do jack shit for you. You know who can? Yourself. Want to stay safe? Sure, conceal carry. It’s your right. Want to not get a transmittable disease? Get vaccinated. It’s science. But yeah, we get it.. you don’t believe in science. Best to keep your “save your soul!” bullshit to your local cult church and off Reddit because nobody gives a shit and will just downvote and laugh at you.

  6. Klutch regularly loads their rosin up with both CBD and CBG isolate. Ancient Roots does the same but only with CBG.

  7. This post is on vaping rosin Luster Pods. Are you referring to concentrates?

  8. Yeah primarily. But the same applies to carts/pods. Especially since they have to add diluents just to make rosin even work in vape form. There's really no such thing as a solventless pod or cart as things stand today. It's just meaningless hype.

  9. Since you first commented, check the info down below. You should read it, because you are missing critical information that you don't know.

  10. They better honor those prices. Not our problem when they pay someone to do a job and they failed. That's why you have insurance. I would be placing huge orders if I was in the Toledo area.

  11. Ok now I see why the Terps are so off. That batch is Harvested from October 2021. 😆 the most recent batches are from April 2022.

  12. I'm embarrassed to say this haul came from 3 different dispensaries around Central Ohio, b the Orange 43 came from Zen Leaf in Newark, Ohio. It was a 30% off Klutch Day so I knew it was probably on the older side. Even so, kind of strange the Terps are so different from these two harvests, especially on a strain they have so "dialed in". Different phenos perhaps?

  13. Yes, I thought so too! How can a strain with such good genetics be so different. One batch with zero Terpinolene but then have a batch with the highest terpene terpinolene coming in at at 18.50mg/g . If phenos are changing then it's almost a different strain. Something is odd. You would think it would have tested for a little like 2.0 or 3.0 but to go from zero to 18.50 is weird.

  14. Have you seen gas prices, or really the price of everything increased? People don't want to pay for it. Demand issue.

  15. I mean, I get it. But with the amount of people praising Woodward, Galenas and Klutch flower, I’m sure there’s a competitive market to be had with rosin as well

  16. I can agree that there is a growing base for Rosin, if there is a market, then the issue gets placed on the Ohio Medical cannabis program.

  17. Very similar experience with this strain. Smells like candy. Tastes like hot salt water? Or bree rind. Can't even use it. I contacted klutch and they were like ppsshhh.

  18. Nothing wrong with my batch of Lemon Slushee taste and smells like lemon with grape pie hints.

  19. Grabbing that super lemon dog one too, but I feel like it’s mismarked as the other live resin pods are higher priced

  20. 🤫 I seen it at cle botanist for sale price of $44 and Wickliffe Botanist and majority of others for $56.

  21. Galenas is soil, Riviera Creek is aeroponic, everybody else is hydro

  22. Thanks for the info. Do you notice the differences from soil to hydro? I'm doing personal research so just asking around some questions. For example, if "everyone" is hydro what makes them different? I like Klutch, Buckeye Relief, Galenas, Farkas, GrowOhio. Not necessarily in that order, some make better than others, some are more tasty than others, you get what I'm saying.

  23. Thanks, I actually knew that one. Along with Galenas as soil. It's interesting the differences in grows. What is Buckeye Relief?

  24. Definitely a great strain and Galenas is growing great flower. I will keep buying. EPBC is good, love the peanut taste and uplifting effects.

  25. Wow that looks so frosty. Want to try the superflux flower, I will come back to see review. Thanks for the post.

  26. Catfish is so good 💯 Classic smell and taste and the effects are on point. Wish it would last longer. Klutch the JD line has some great flower.

  27. America has more good guys with guns than any other country. Shouldn't we be the safest then?

  28. You think you're safer in what other country than the USA as an American? 😆

  29. About to 💨🔥🔥✌️ this is really a good strain. Looking forward to trying some Dual OG. I like Klutch flower mostly but the soil grown is noticeable vs hydro, Galenas stays along with Grow Ohio.

  30. So not to get too technical...but I’m gonna get a bit technical.

  31. Personal experience, I’ve tried big head, motherbreath, and icc. Ur negativity isn’t lowering the prices. Grow ohio sells .5 carts for $35.

  32. If you think Ice cream cake is bad then you have an interesting opinion.

  33. If you think Ice cream cake is bad then you have an interesting opinion.

  34. Amplify has good deals since they stack, should be something every dispensary does.

  35. Heatlocker hands down. Full on uplifting energizing effects. The head high is phenomenal. The taste is unique yet it has an old familiar gas from early 2000s. No doubt this has sativa effects. To pack those 4 strains and that child popped out is brilliant. Ice Cream Cake pheno, Chemdawg, Fire OG, and MAC 1.

  36. Killing innocent life is wrong. There I took religion and Christianity out of it.

  37. So if the mom is dying due to the pregnancy, you would kill her wrongly to save a fetus? Make that make sense. People usually don’t choose abortion for the fun of it. Most abortions are medically necessary.

  38. I have a feeling most know it's wrong because the effort in having to try and find every loophole to make killing an innocent life acceptable for just a small amount of special circumstances.

  39. Focus on the terpenes in the strains to guide you. Top terpene is Caryophyllene. I like it but not this strain. Heatlocker, triangle mints, whip it, ICC also 043.

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