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The Brooklyn Public Library has suspended its out-of-state card program. Are there any other library systems that offer non-resident cards you can apply for online?

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  1. That is not the same person they showed in the trade off video. That black person in the video was like 6'5 now here in this pic she Is much shorter then even Biden?????

  2. Or you can take 20 lbs of hotdogs and become the raccoon god. Check out YouTube lol

  3. I once saw my roommate rubbing his dogs genitals (two fingers in) on the couch. After seeing that I started to realize how deeply strange his relationship went with his “beast” went. He is no longer my roommate.

  4. I don't know how bad your reaction to coffee is but putting a pinch of kosher salt into coffee will reduce the acidity as will drinking cold brew and darker roasts

  5. Ever since I put salt in my coffee I don’t get the violent un/predictable instant pools 😂

  6. Jump rope. It’s all the workout you need can do any where

  7. Looks like gorgone checkerspot caterpillars or similar. Check to see if they exist in your area. Without a location it’s a bit trickier. These caterpillars look weird and disgusting but they are pretty cool. When they are young they forage together. They decimated my echinacea but otherwise left everything else alone.

  8. How long have they been planted? They aren’t ready but they are probably stunted and won’t do much… could try watering more

  9. Goodwill has started their own “EBay” site. They have their own stores and also let resellers have their own stores on the site…for a fee. The site is called Worn Not Wasted. Just another way for them to make money on free donations.

  10. Are those bruises? I’ve never seen any that yellow before

  11. There’s one at wonderland park in wasilla

  12. My sister's friend's mom, her boyfriend, and the mom's cousin all killed my sister's friend in such a horrific way. They strangled her, sexually assaulted her, dismembered her, and burned her body in the bathroom tub all on the girl's 10th birthday.

  13. My brothers father went to prison for this…. Dad is a perv and so are you.

  14. If you ignore and rug sweep it as some weird thing you are.

  15. Don't worry everyone. The covid mitigation strategies work on monkey pox too. Just keep wearing your mask, insist others wear theirs, and avoid indoor crowds. Easy!

  16. Puts out little yellow flowers that turn into goat head or thorny pokey things … atleast over here in New Mexico.. not sure the name tho very invasive

  17. I know what you're talking about and I'm not sure if it's that. The flowers are actually pink/purple which is 100% throwing me off. I'm letting it grow so I can find out wtf it is lmao.

  18. Purple or yellow flowers yea. Same thing, let it go and find out

  19. I kept getting downvoted for my address hacks. No one is checking if I live in Chicago!

  20. I did it to I have like 8 cards in Libby 🧙‍♀️

  21. I cheat and Google maps am address in the area of the library’s that offer free online cards….. I have 8 on Libby 🤪🤷‍♀️

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