1. Aged like a fine glass of milk left in a hot car on a summer day… I’m sorry brotha

  2. The end of this game was just one unfortunate event after another…. :( oh well can’t win them all I guess

  3. I like looking at them and I think they’re cool for the most part

  4. I love Volk dude is my favorite fighter, the dude is just an absolute beast who tears through killers! No disrespect to max he’s also a fav of mine but I will be cheering for Volk! Either way it’s gonna be a banger!

  5. Someone please tell me that “Cocaine Bear” is truly about a bear coked up and not something really sad like a artsy film about a cocaine addicted single father of 3 small children

  6. That whole sequence had me and my dad screaming at tv (in a good way) and then to cap it off with the little 🤷‍♂️ had me even more hype, I really enjoyed that fight

  7. Steve Clifford is NOT the guy for us! He wasn’t a good fit the first time and he sure as hell won’t be this time!

  8. Francis Ngannou would stomp both of these clown ass pussies.

  9. It isnt garbage, its just way too overplayed. People act like its the greatest song of all time

  10. This guy gets it, not garbage per say but definitely not the best song of all time like some people wanna make it out to be

  11. Immediately go west and find the red area and then pet the dogs and birds

  12. So if leavitt wins we get to see him throw it back all over paddy, and if paddy wins we get to see him tea bag leavitt…. Honestly that’s a win win no matter what for us fans

  13. One challenge has to be sitting in room while a person argues with their significant other next to you

  14. im confused as to how the roundtable hold can be seen as cheating?

  15. Dude and not the mention the few times the round table isnt safe

  16. He goin miss parts of the game if he flat out does not go to the round table

  17. I can’t answer your question but I can tell you absolute do not come to the south, regularly in the upper 90s with the most horrible humidity you ever felt. You will step foot outside and Immediately start sweating bullets and it’s horrible, May-September are the worst months ever down here

  18. You would have to be delusional to believe that, Dariush had no issue accepting that fight and no one in the top ten is worried about Islam. Yall worse than mcgregor fans, why is Islam trying to duck Dariush?

  19. “Bro literally I train ufc don’t fuck with me bro” - this guy

  20. Philadelphia fans have a reputation for being completely fucking batshit insane

  21. Came here just to say this, Phily fans are just different in all the worst ways

  22. Bro fuck all the haters in these comments those are some of the dopest tats I’ve seen in a minute! Love hand tattoos and the Death Star is the perfect thing for the hand!!!!

  23. I want to put a boomer in a room with a smartphone and tell them “disable the Bluetooth, switch the phone to vibrate and FaceTime me when you’re done” then watch and laugh

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