1. this'll only be effective if people actually follow what the crossing guard is saying to do. considering how few bikes ever stop at the stop sign just down the street (not to mention pedestrians never waiting their turn) idk why a person telling them to wait would make any difference 😒

  2. My guess is that the vehicles will be aware of the guard's instructions more than the pedestrians.

  3. =SUMPRODUCT(--(H2:H159="Happiness Team")*(MONTH(A2:A159)=5)*C2:C159))

  4. INFO - Does your homeowner's insurance cover any of this?

  5. It will after any deductible, then her rates will go up - or she'll be dropped. She will certainly have to get rid of the cat to keep any coverage.

  6. OP says the sister is in the hospital. That's enough dollars that the decision might be taken out of OP and sister's hands by a health insurance company looking to save money. And/or the hospital might have to get animal control involved. (If it was a dog, animal control would for sure be involved.)

  7. YTA - "Do you like my new dress/shoes/wig?." Once she's happy with your "yes", shut your stupid mouth up. Things can only go downhill from there.

  8. YTA - Two levels. Others have mentioned that this is your daughter's clothing not yours. A text would have cleared up if she minded.

  9. It would be the scientific notation for 0. It sounds like that cell is formatted to scientific notation. The epsilon "almost zero" round off error that excel gets would be expressed as a E-12 type number.

  10. I'm going to give you a gentle YTA. It would be different if the name were only her dead husband's, but it is also the name of her children.

  11. Your husband wanted to go back and set things right. That means that he knew he had wronged them before he left. Its not surprising that they didn't search for the man that he was. His desire to give them money was based on the lousy son/brother that he was before he left.

  12. It sounds like you are somewhere between letting your grown son & his mom work this out themselves and ducking your responsibility to parent your son, even after he turns 18.

  13. "I'm not your mother," should never be something that just slips out in an argument. It's an egregious offense and is probably especially upsetting in a non-biological situation. Even if the son gave in and started calling her "mom" again to avoid conflict/punishment, the relationship would only be mended on the most superficial level. In fact, the forced aspect of it would probably cause even further damage. Trying to force someone to call you "mom" is either an extremely hurtful power play or a pathetic attempt at a patch job on a strained relationship.

  14. No, it shouldn't. Its no surprise that the OP wants to duck and not make this not his problem.

  15. If PG&E could lower your fees, why would they pay people to ask you to sign-up for something? It would be more profitable for them to just lower your fees, without paying someone to go door to door.

  16. It would help if you posted the formula that returns the error. INDIRECT does require that the workbook being refered to is open if the function is to work.

  17. I’m literally doing File1!M18 + File2!M18

  18. What do you mean "doing"? What is the exact text of the formula (including = sign)?

  19. What information are you trying to keep private? The due date? Your weight?

  20. It doesn’t matter what information she is trying to keep private, it’s her information, and it’s her choice who she discusses it with.

  21. OP is pregnant. People are going to ask standard questions. The AH in this whole thing is the person who spilled the beans about the pregnancy. (Plus the person who was foolish enough to think that a secret like that would keep.)

  22. ESH (except the clerk), your intervention didn't calm things down. Your mirroring the use of derisive terms increased the volume of the exchange. There are other words that you could have used that might have worked better.

  23. You need to identify which buttons you want to remove and .delete them from the Shapes collection for their worksheet.

  24. INFO - In case of emergency, is there a different way to get in touch with you. (By emergency do you mean personal emergency or business emergency)

  25. YTA - 10 and 8 is a good age for learning how to use guns. Particularly at a range.

  26. The FAA has new regulations requiring lights on geese.

  27. Try using wild cards like =MATCH("*??E?*", A:A, 0) to find the first such word in column A

  28. Here is a non-volitile solution. (OFFSET recalculates every time any cell in the workbook is changed, rather than only recalculating when a precedent cell is changed.)

  29. I thought it was. I’m that much of a newbie. Any rewrite suggestions? I have a lot of cells that have text that I need to prepend or append and a lot of both. This is driving me bonkers. My boss doesn’t dumped this file on me and expects me to sort through it all.

  30. Youcould write your own SheetExists function and put it in a normal module

  31. Hmm I thought so too, but when I saw on another thread if its based on parameters such as age, the calculation is a bit more complicated like for example (1-D2/10)*0.3 to work out an actual score for parameter D before adding to the rest of the parameter scores. But I am unsure why the need to divide by 10 and subtract by 1. Your way sounds much more straightforward...

  32. It sounds like you are mixing Rating and Data.

  33. Heya, thanks for the reply. In your second paragraph, when you say 'ratings' - is that whatever age for example is in column B multipled by its weighting of 0.5?

  34. The age of a car is an objective data. The rating is how much that age should encourage you to buy the car.

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