1. I’d love to see all the games on PC, but I have such a soft spot for 4 and the fact that it’ll likely never get to PC is a shame. Don’t remember where I saw this, but apparently because of the licensed shit in 4 it would be impossible to remaster it. And even if they were considering going that route, the games divisive opinions don’t help it’s case.

  2. Yep. People love to tout open-ness and honesty, but most view you as weaker if you do try and open up. Obviously not the case with 99% of people, but I’d bet my money it’s like 75%. Especially worse if your a man. Women particularly push the “toxic masculinity silences men”, when in reality it’s the women that cause it. Because statistically, women become less attracted to a man they previously had interest in if they began to be perceived as “overly emotional”. So men specifically bottle everything up more in an attempt to not kill their chances with the women they like, and other men see this and think they need to be entirely stoic aswell. It’s a cycle.

  3. It’s hardly a meme? But also, “I guess”? Come on, it’s a fact. It’s just a poorly structured joke.

  4. Can it be my turn to post this tomorrow? And no. Make V’s voice acting is exactly what I’d imagine it to be. And so is Female V’s. Their both perfect for what they are.

  5. Yea I’m gonna say I’d rather not shoot my dick or balls off… or my man flash could’ve speed ran me to a Vasectomy or something 😳

  6. Instead of shooting yourself in the heart? Or just deciding to be celibate?

  7. The excruciating pain mixed with being celibate (depending on the severity of the wound, could actually have sex without testicles.) doesn’t sound too appealing I’ll be honest. It’s like a saw trap, going through with it would just be impossible.

  8. They are both equally bad and damaging, just in different ways. You don’t hear much of it, as most media the average person consumes is left leaning, so they aren’t going to try and harm their own image. And this is Reddit, the most left leaning platform out there. So keep that in mind when reading other responses.

  9. Creating a straw man and knocking it down. Her DS2 model and her look hardly alike. So don’t make up your shitty “did they not play the original game?” Garbage to try and discredit an opinion. She looks 60 in the remake, while Isaac somehow looks younger than ever. It’s a stupid choice. No need to suck them off and rationalize it, when in reality it doesn’t detract from the game itself.

  10. Personal preference really. But MW2 had a perfect campaign, perfect multiplayer and spec ops was fun. But BO2 had both the multiplayer and campaign down, now with just the added Zombies. Of which it’s considered to have the best. So not difficult to see why people like it so much.

  11. The movement. You feel like an actual person, compared to a dude who’s bolted to the ground. Also, atmospherically, dead space is more “nightmarish”. Callisto feels straight out of a big budget horror movie, while Dead space is more akin to something like Event Horizon.

  12. date? A preference. Purposely avoid friendship with? Racist. So if you consider being racist a red flag, then yes.

  13. Yep. That blade movie is phenomenal, and can’t really be improved upon. making the new one a little kiddy Affair that fits into the atmosphere and lore of the MCU is just gonna kill any slight hope there was for it to be good.

  14. I would never spend a dime on an heirloom, but I would spend an ungodly amount of money for a Wattson swimsuit skin.

  15. Always weird to see people cheering for violence because someone was saying things they disagree with.

  16. Yep. Both ways are okay. “Power dynamic” garbage means nothing, unless your entirely caring for them. ie paying their rent and shit. But if it’s just a standard relationship, an age gap like that doesn’t matter. Although for some reason these situations get treated oppositely from what I’ve seen. Older dude-younger chick, and he’s taking advantage of them. Younger dude-older chick and she’s “still got it” and should be empowered that their able to date such young guys.

  17. Yea, and so is the IQ differences and life expectancy differences. Both genders have advantages and disadvantages.

  18. The IQ of the average men and women aren't much different. It's only when you get into the extremes that men are slightly more represented.

  19. Yep, I said IQ differences. Men fall much more into extremes than women, which is why I didn’t say it was necessarily a “men are stupider” thing. Just that it’s more likely to see a Low or really high IQ man than it is to see a Low-Really high IQ woman.

  20. I have to assume people that hate this section have never touched a racing game in their lives. It was absurdly easy, if you know how a car works.

  21. Yep. It’s the intention, and situation it’s used in that matters.

  22. Your right, we don’t know enough about the NavUssy to fantasize about fuckin it. however, I would take a footjob from those big blue feet gyyaaaaat Damn 😳😳😳😳

  23. Jill, mainly because this is my favourite iteration of her and she’s not seen as much as Chris later in the series.

  24. Left———centrist———right, you see why? A centrist is to the RIGHT of a leftist, and that means your their enemy. Similar thing with the Right, although the right fight among themselves enough to not worry about centrists.

  25. I would say a bit too serious for family guy, but it’s hardly the darkest stuff they’ve done.

  26. Tom is HARDLY a villain, and I wanted sam to get a chance to go back to the US. So I chose Tom’s. Played it again and went with the captain, and I just felt bad killing Tom and his people. Seeing as they hadn’t really done anything terrible. So gotta say Toms ending is my preferred.

  27. Goes into sexual industry filled with sleezbags, gets treated like trash by said sleezebags then act like it was unavoidable and surprising like seriously, at this point I don’t give a shit about all the crap that went on with Playboy.

  28. What's your opinion of the Girls Do Porn business practices of lying to models to fly out to 'photo shoots' only to bait and switch a porno shoot on them?

  29. Wasn’t familiar with it, but upon looking it up, that’s fucked. Obviously a horrible thing. With Playboy though, I feel like considering it’s popularity it would’ve been simpler to just not partake beyond a certain point? Like it’s not some dingy stereotypical “I’ll make you famous” photoshoot stuff, it was kind of the biggest thing in the porn industry.

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