1. Panera is bad AND outrageously priced. Not #3.

  2. Panera slaps. The good is great and has variety. You can tell it’s fresh ingredients. Pricy yeah but not that far off from some chains

  3. Fresh? No way not the ones around me haha

  4. Fair enough. They’re mainly franchised so I’m sure it varies widely

  5. Come to Houston you’ll see a stand on every street corner that sells this and similar stuff like this haha

  6. Absolutely not. The person who answered "edible" should be a little embarrassed about it, and downright ashamed if they actually argued for it.

  7. 🙄 it’s a party game…little debates, bickering and arguments make the game fun…

  8. This is the funniest thread 🤣like why is that guy so pressed lmao

  9. I’m in Houston but I am in school for medical imaging. Beginning to think I made a mistake haha

  10. I’m in school currently haha. I’m rotating through some clinical sites

  11. Sorry but this is just goofy. A Hershey’s kiss?? Nastiest chocolate hands down. I don’t see this working at all, not in todays world.

  12. I loved it. I graduated in 2013 and currently do ct's. It's definitely a nice career to have. We're always short handed, so there's lots of jobs.

  13. That’s awesome! Glad you were able to make a switch. What types of shifts do you work? I’m definitely either thinking going into ct or mri afterwards

  14. I work 3rd shift. I love it. I started out dayshift, but there's too many ppl around 🤣 i rotated through MRI in school, but it was to boring for me lol. I like the fast paced life of CT better.

  15. Haha yeah I understand that one. Do you work at a hospital? I’m interested in working longer shifts/less days, 3 12’s or 2 16’s maybe, would you recommend a specific modality or anything?

  16. Love the M series. My M56X is easily my favorite possession

  17. A VQ37VHR with 250k+ miles ?!? Hows it running bro ? I need to know. I have a 09 G37 (same engine) with 143k miles on it. Runs like a champ ! Im curious to know what work your car needed bro. Im guessing you had to clean the Throttle bodies and MAF sensors? Replaced the heater connector hose ? Any issues with burning oil ?

  18. Dude the car is running like a champ! The engine is a beast. Your g37 will last you a long time :)

  19. thanks a lot, i will check it out. Sadly i really dont know how to use discord since i have bit anxiety around the app. But this seems like a good reason to overcome this.

  20. I’m curious, no judgement at all, how can you be anxious towards an app? Is it anxiety meeting and talking to people?

  21. Unrelated…but how do you expand other civs details where it shows their science, culture, army etc…😅

  22. It's built-in. Check box in the settings. Yield ribbon something.

  23. Romans has slave and literal children prostitutes. Then you have war and all those diseases without regulated medicine and vaccines. You should think this through.

  24. It’s obviously a sarcastic joke. You should think this through.

  25. Triple square. If you live in Houston I have a set of bits you're welcome to borrow

  26. Haha yeah I’d imagine. I’m pretty frugal though. Can find a job(not DoorDash) pretty easily, so can my gf. Who knows maybe in the next 5 years I’ll pull the plug and do it

  27. Yeah I'm not talking 50-60 I really mean 100k... A night of fun here is seriously easily 4-5k. Hope your a stock broker I'm not talking trade skill.. but w/e people like you that think they are somehow better than others and enjoy talking down to people love it here...

  28. I’m not sure why you believe that’s taking down on you, or really anyone in general 🤨 just conversation my dude

  29. Awesome thank you! Is 1 front of the car, and 5 back of the car?

  30. interesting I’m curious why would you give up your weekends off?

  31. Don't get me wrong, I love having them off, and I'll gladly keep them.

  32. I completely understand. Honestly, the only thing that looked good to be a CTL was the schedule, so I was just curious. I’m out of retail now but I actually enjoyed having days off during the week (not consecutively). It’s nice to have time to do things during the week, weekends are just so busy. I’m doing 3 days on/4 days off now and it’s great. Every week feels like a vacation haha

  33. eBay, car-part.com, local junkyards

  34. What site are you using, i use rockauto.com for alot of my parts

  35. I usually use eBay. I checked Rock auto but haven’t had any luck finding this specific part

  36. Everything looks so modernized now. Feels like there’s no character. Fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc

  37. Word, I do espresso machines. Always curious about other trades. Copiers seem pretty cool, mechanically anyway

  38. I’ve always wanted to do something where I can travel to different businesses and fix products. Copiers, espresso machines, I don’t care, I’m pretty handy. How did you get into work like that?

  39. Plot twist. A flipper took all the good ones out and threw it out to mess with someone.

  40. Haha I had thought that, and if that’s what happened then they did a bad job! I found a few cards already worth $5-20 sold eBay

  41. Baybrook is a good area, I usually dash league city and it's better (shorter distances). Avoid Friendswood. Regardless the other apps are probably still better. Take this all with a grain of salt, I haven't done delivery all summer.

  42. Thanks I’ll give league city a shot. If you don’t mind me asking what areas in League City did you hang around in? Did you stick around 45? Or spread out

  43. Place I headed towards when returning to zone or when I didn't have an order is Logan's Roadhouse at 45 and 646.

  44. Did you make this post to brag or something?

  45. Did you read the part where he said it wasn’t to gloat but to raise awareness?

  46. MWT TLs work 12 hour days but they have a 4 day on/3 off schedule, and their salary is higher than DMs

  47. It could be. It also could be other things like sway bar bushings….here’s a video how to check them….

  48. A tip is earned by merely working they rely on tips. If you don’t want to tip, make your own fucking food and coffee. Don’t go out. No one will miss your cheap ass

  49. Calm down there bud. I’ve worked a big chunk of my life in the customer service industry. Tips are your income I get it. But you’re telling me I’m supposed to throw my hard earned money at the someone who rolls their eyes at my order, can’t stay off their phone, makes my drink wrong, and makes me wait for 10+ minutes? All because you are so called entitled to it? Uh huh. And nah I’m good. I’ll go out when I want to, because just like you, I am entitled to it.

  50. I mean, I wouldn’t take that kind of service at all. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it. I’d tip poorly and not come back.

  51. That’s great, good for you. But by your logic, I should have been tipping, even for those type of standards.

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